Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Valentine's Day Card Haul 2010

Valentine's Day may have been over a week ago, but here at Thorzul Will Rule, temporal laws do not always apply. I received several more cards from my students than in previous years, so for the sake of brevity (and comedy), I will give a scant two-word description of each. Enjoy!

Wrong shape.

True words.

Best ever.

No Jordan.

Lenticular garbage.

Puppy mash-up.

One fairy.

Two fairies.

Three fairies.
(Sorry, that was too easy to pass up.)

Not sure.

Mutant heroes.

Thyroid condition.

Awful movie.

Haunted vigilante.

Calcium deficient.

Unlicensed failure.

Anal threat.
Brotherhood, friendship, and candy that tastes like chalk... this is our follow-up to Christmas?

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Tony Brown said...

I'm intrigued by the "Battle Brawler", a cartoon version of Battle Royale perhaps?

madding said...

What's wrong with the kid that gave you a Garnett (a thoroughly unlikeable player at this stage in his career) valentine complete with a puzzle to do. Is that some sort of "ha! I'm giving the TEACHER some WORK!" mentality?

Thorzul said...

"Unlikeable" really hits the nail on the head. My wife (a Minnesota native) told me that when she was in high school, Garnett was shooting a commercial at her school. Apparently, he was a total dick the entire time.

dayf said...

Battle Brawler = Bakugan = crummy ass cartoon meant only to advertise a goofy toy that is a combination of marbles and transformers. My kid pestered the shit out of us for some of those for his birthday and I haven't seen even one of them since two days after he got 'em.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, I really did know what those were, but couldn't explain them in two words. My wife's godson had some with when visiting from Orlando. The toys aren't bad, and they're pretty cool when you "activate" one of those ball things by placing it on the metal card and letting magnets work their magic.

Kinda reminded me of Spinjas.