Saturday, February 20, 2010

You Can Now Get 1985 Donruss at Target

You heard me.

The other night, my wife and I made a Target run. Since we had some other business in one of the western suburbs, we visited a newly remodeled Target (that now sells booze!), not our usual store.
Well, somewhere on the short list of things we were looking for was a picture frame. Once we hit the right aisle, I thought I was in for twenty minutes of side-by-side comparisons, treatises on minute differences between shades of brown, and much second guessing. My mood picked up immediately after seeing this hot little number.

Believe your eyes, folks, that's a REstyle Target brand picture frame designed specifically for baseball cards. And it comes with a nice bunch of 1987 Topps cards! All of your old favorites are there... Alfredo Griffin, Steve Jeltz, and even Mario Soto in his warmup jacket! (Ironically enough, that Junior Ortiz in the bottom row was the final card I needed to complete my 1987 set a few years ago. Sometimes timing is a cruel bitch.)

With a few more frames on the rack, I ventured further to see if there was any variance between specimens. There was!
Gasp! The mother lode! Look at those beautiful 1985 Donruss cards! Bill Doran is in the house. Dan Quisenberry brought his submarine delivery to Target. Willie Randolph looks happy, and Jim Sundberg provides some local interest.
Curiously, a lone 1987 Topps card snuck in there. The world may never know why Mike Trujillo is upside-down. Trainee error, perhaps?

The final frame available is the oddball out of the three. There are a few stray 1989 Donruss Cubs peppered into a group of old-timey reprints, perhaps, or are they some off-market set that no one collected? In any case, they are hard to see, but I think I remember most of them being Dodgers, Sox, and Yankees, but no names on the front made it hard to identify exactly what these are. Any ideas?

All in all, it was a nice surprise on a shopping trip. I didn't buy any of these, and I don't think I would, either. The frame itself looked pretty nice, solid, but it's just plastic behind the glass, much like a 9-card sheet, but arranged in a 4-by-4 layout. I found the presentation to be very cheap looking and not at all likely to enhance the presentation of your cards. With a price somewhere around twenty dollars, passing on this item is a no-brainer.

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Anonymous said...

I saw similar frames at AC Moore, a hobby/craft store here in Upstate NY. One had a '85 Pete Rose in it!

packaddict said...

That reminds me, the last time I was at target, they had a bunch of sports memorabilia displays in the home decor area. Again though, most of the stuff looked cheaply made and I stayed away. They did have a nice 12 baseball wall display case which was nice but I could never fill that up.

Laurens said...

The old-timers cards look to be from tribute sets printed in the late 1970s through early 1980s.

Hackenbush said...

In the Chicago area, Michael's crafts stores sell something similar too. I actually made a display case of my own that holds up to 49 cards. Right now it's filled with Obaks.

SpastikMooss said...

Same thing at the Michael's in Bloomington. My girlfriend drags me constantly to buy craft supplies, and I always want to buy the one on top because it's the 1993 Topps Marlin set.

Thorzul said...

I hope the frame on that thing is teal.

dayf said...

In my professional opinion (wait, I'm not getting paid for this!) Those oddballs are from the TCMA "The '60s" set. While I would not buy it, I would have been tempted with that one.

Oh wait, Laurens beat me to the punch. No wonder I'm not getting paid.

SpastikMooss said...

Man, if only. Michael's might have the materials to make that a reality...