Sunday, March 14, 2010

The ABC's of Baseball: E is for E-6

1994 Conlon Collection #1234 Donie Bush

Today's card is a real treat, one that helps this project live up to its potential.
Donie Bush, longtime Tiger, was chosen for this letter because of his fielding prowess. I began under the assumption that it would be next-to-impossible to find a baseball card depicting a shortstop committing an error, so I didn't even look for one. Instead, I turned to the record books. Donie Bush currently holds the American League record for the most errors by a shortstop in a career, 689. He also holds the American League record for the most errors by a shortstop in a game, 5. Despite these infamous records, Bush is called a "defensive standout" on the back of his Conlon card. Why? Well, we have to remember that he played during the "dead ball era," so most balls weren't making it out of the infield. He had the most errors because he had the most chances to make an error during that period of time But give the man his credit; he also still holds the major league record for triple plays turned during a career with 9. (A Cincinnati Hall of Fame player named Bid McPhee also turned 9, but he spent many of his years in the American Association, where the stats didn't count toward his National League totals. Still, dude played 14 years without a glove.)

Hope you enjoyed today's post and history lesson.


Mad Guru said...

I enjoyed it.

night owl said...

I've written a couple articles about Bid McPhee. His career was very interesting, especially the no glove part.

John said...

This set (Conlan) was supposed to have like 3000 cards in it but it stopped after 1994 I think, this has to be one of the last cards