Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Assignment: Thorzul's Manifesto

Alright, here's what I've been teasing for the last few days. I've been putting the finishing touches on the latest assignment from the baseball card collecting community's resident teacher. Most of you passed my last assessment with flying colors. Despite the pacifist route I have taken, I'm actually quite pleased to see the some of you are still getting Bipped. Each new post genuinely puts a smile on my face.

However, I believe the time has come to concentrate our energies against a common enemy. Since I got back into this hobby in 2007, I have noticed a common theme woven throughout many of your blogs, and that theme is a rallying drum beat notifying anyone within earshot that you are consistently let down by our hobby's largest mass media presence, Beckett Publications.

While I have really only referred to this publication in passing on my blog, I, too, have realized that Beckett's welcome has long been worn out. I suppose the last straw was a recent trading incident that left me frustrated and dismayed. I was attempting to trade cards with a fellow collector, but the trade never happened. Rather, my offer was rebuked because the Beckett values "don't match up." I could write more about this, but I would just be rehashing an experience shared by many of you several times over.

The time to act is now. A message needs to be sent to Beckett that we are no longer buying what they are selling (literally). The last copy of Beckett I purchased had so little to offer to me that I could not have read by my blogging brethren, and since this 2007 date, I have not purchased a single magazine.

Not to focus on the negative, however, I thought long and hard about the form this message should take. Without further ado, your assignment:

1. Save your wrappers. I alerted you to this a few weeks ago, so I hope you have a pretty good stash by now. If you don't, not to worry. Whether you have gathered two baseball card wrappers or two hundred, you voice will still be heard.

2. Print out the two documents I have prepared below.

3. Here's the shot of positivity. On the second document, write a short passage about some of your favorite blogs. I'm sure you can figure it out, but let me explain my reasoning. Personally, I have learned so much more about the hobby I love from all of you than all of the issues of Beckett published in the last ten years ever could have. Instead of steeping this message in negativity, I would prefer to have all of you let Beckett know about all of the good work everyone out there is producing, and how we are doing this FOR FREE better than people who are GETTING PAID.

4. On Monday, March 8, package together the two documents and any wrappers you have managed to accumulate, and send them to this address:
Beckett Media LLC
4635 McEwen Road
Dallas, TX 75244

Try to mail this as close to the March 8 convocation as possible. The effect will be enhanced by the coordination of our timing.

5. If you want to include any additional messages, go ahead. Get any grievances off your chest.

That's it. I'm not sure what will come of this, if anything. I hesitate to call it a boycott; rather, this is a declaration of a brotherhood and sisterhood who possess a superior product. After all, don't you think we all do a much better job? It's scary to think about how cool a magazine staffed by dayf, Chris Harris, Mario Alejandro, Ben Henry, night owl, Trader Crack, myself, and a whole bunch of others would be, especially if we could devote ourselves to it full-time.

One final thing. As of this very minute, I am currently still listed in the Beckett blog roll.
I'm interested to see how quickly I get yanked for pursuing this little stunt. No big loss, should it happen. I get like, one hit a month from Beckett. Whatever.

Anyways, knock yourself out with this assignment, and give credit to some great bloggers out there. The time for talk is over. Now we act. Let THE MAN know that we are better.

Please link to this post and spread the word to your fellow collectors.


cynicalbuddha said...

Thorzul I bow down to the greatness of this stunt. I only wish I could help more I'm packing for my move up the big city in Alaska. But I will print the stuff out and send it. The only thing I see wrong with this is there is no clear action we want taken. I realize that we want better articles, price reporting ect., I guess I'm saying there really is no ulimatium in here. But I like the idea. I only wish I had a stash of wrappers to send to Beckett. I can't wait to see what happens.

Now I'm done shining your shoes there. We all have to remember that Beckett is a Price Guide. Guide being the word here, not price list. And there are other sources to get prices, ebay searchs,, TuffStuff, which actually seems to be following Beckett lately in not to much between the covers, but at least I don't have to shell out 8 bucks per sport. Whew.

Viva la revolution!!!

PunkRockPaint said...

I am sending my wrappers to YOU...

The Resistance isn't buying your bull:

"Despite the pacifist route I have taken, I'm actually quite pleased to see the some of you are still getting Bipped. Each new post genuinely puts a smile on my face."


Okay, okay... I'll send my wrappers to Beckett. You win. You always win.

Thorzul said...


I agree with your assertion that Beckett is, first and foremost, a price guide. Now, I realize the limitations of print media, but 90% of the time I have looked to Beckett to "guide" me on the price of a card, it cannot be found. So, if that fails, what else is there to draw me into its pages? It is a magazine, and magazines have articles, but they nearly always fall flat.

As for an ultimatum, you're right, I have none. Anyone care to chime in on that one? What are our demands? Put me on the payroll?

Thanks for reading!

Jeremy said...

I've only ever bought one Beckett, too. When I got back into collecting in 2006 I couldn't believe they were still around. People used to bitch about how much of a joke they were in the mid-1990s.

the sewingmachineguy said...

Awesome! I have a big bag of wrappers in my man room. I will send them, along with the 2 forms.
Quickie; Beckett lists the 2008 Goudey complete base set (1-200) at $20 - $50. I have had those sets on eBay for 10 bucks...they don't sell. I gave my neighbors kids each a set for Christmas.

William said...

Can we bip Beckett? Maybe send them 38 copies of the June 2000 issue with Corey Patterson on the front?