Monday, March 1, 2010

CC: Royale With Cheese

In what was possibly the landmark work of 1990s cinema, Quentin Tarantino's Pulp Fiction, one of the most memorable scenes involves Vincent (John Travolta) describing his recent European trip to fellow hitman Jules (Samuel L. Jackson). Apparently, they don't do everything the same as we do here in America. Succinctly, he explains, "It's the little differences."

So true when it comes to 2009 Topps Sterling. These next two I have to show you look nearly identical at first glance, but there are those little differences.

2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" (5x Patch) #5CCR-30 (08/25)

A great card with some nice patches, even a little bit of what looks to be letter stitching in the "H." However, it cannot hold a candle to this card...

2009 Topps Sterling "Led MLB in CGs and SHOs in 2008" (5x Patch) #5CCR-30 (09/10)

Wow. Just wow.
More very nice patches with glittery gold thread, plus not one, but two pieces of the MLB logo. The one is the "G" does not feel like it came from a jersey; rather, I believe it to be taken from a baseball. I compared it to the logo on the one real MLB ball I do own, and they seem to be from the same mother, both in color and feel, not to mention temperament.

If you were to look really closely, you might notice that the finish on each card is different. The #/25 version has a rougher, almost dimpled surface, whereas the #/10 has a more traditional smooth finish.

Other comparisons... I haven't yet made.

"I don't know, I didn't go into Burger King."

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