Friday, March 5, 2010

I Am Extremely Disappointed in the Residents of Milwaukee Today

On a daily basis, the online version of my local newspaper, The Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel, publishes a sports-related reader poll. Here is today's, accompanied by the results.

God, what is wrong with people? Or were there just an unusually large number of out-of-town respondents? It's a brilliant question that truly put me in the mood for baseball season to begin.

For future consideration, if you and I are ever at a bar somewhere, and I ask you what Chuckie Carr does on 2-0, I will buy you a beer if you can tell me, "Chuckie hacks."

Eighty-two percent in a motherlovin' shame.


gritz76 said...

Residents of Milwaukee disappoint me everyday too! Even a dirty old Cubs fan knew that one.

Matt said...

An important follow-up might be, Why does Chuckie do as such?

a: Because that's just Chuckie's game.