Friday, April 2, 2010

The ABC's of Baseball: X is for Ex

1990 Pacific Senior Baseball #26 Al Holland, #79 Rennie Stennett, #116 Oscar Gamble, #198 Gary Pirtle, #165 Paul Mirabella, and #128 Bobby Bonds

As a young'n, I can remember walking over to the card shop, seeing these on the counter next to some Topps Coins, and thinking how awful they looked. I got a big bunch on eBay, and wow, are they glorious! The uniforms, the team names, the smell of balms of varying degrees of effectiveness! I love the very serious, energy drink font of the Orlando Juice and the bush league crappiness of the Tropics. Bobby Bonds is as old as shit, Al Holland is going around smooth-cheeked, Oscar Gamble's hair fits under his cap, and Paul Mirabella still sucks.

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Jason said...

For some reason, I really love the Senior League cards. Apparently lots of companies thought the league would amount to something as there were no less than FOUR inaugural sets for the league and even one for their aborted second season. I think had this just been tried 10-15 years later, it would have been a huge success with the sponsorship of a couple of baseball card companies and lots of publicized autograph signings and whatnot. But, alas, it was a complete marketing failure.