Sunday, April 11, 2010

April Group Break Officially Open

Alright, here's what we're doing for the group break. I'm looking at four (4) boxes of 2009 Upper Deck A Piece of History Baseball. Each box is supposed to contain two memorabilia cards, one autograph card, and one Piece of Hollywood memorabilia card. You can choose your teams for the break. Each team will run you $7.50, or you can take two (or more) teams for $7.00 each. I saw that a few of you have already tried to sneak in on the teaser post. However, I am not going to officially honor these requests. Unless team preference is indicated in the comments for this post, any team is fair game. If you want to shit all over your neighbor by taking one of those teams, go ahead, but prepare to face someone's wrath.

I hate to do this, but only PayPal payments will be accepted. We had a problem the last time around with a payment getting lost in the mail, and I don't want anyone to suffer the same fate. Sorry, no exceptions, unless you are especially adept at bribery. Payments are due by Wednesday at 5:00 PM Central so we can get these boxes opened (on video) early the next week. Payment can be sent to
Apparently, it will also help if you choose "gift" when sending payment. Way to stick it to The Man.

Special Considerations:
*Those Piece of Hollywood cards are a special case for this product. Here's how they will be distributed: Any people participating in the break who did not receive either a memorabilia card or an autograph card will be entered in a second chance randomization for each of the four Hollywood cards. If your name is pulled for a Hollywood card, you will be taken out of the drawings for each subsequent Hollywood card. Also, you are eligible for a second chance drawing only by person, not by team. For example, if CubScrub69 chooses team A and team B, gets a jersey card for team A and nothing for team B, he will not be entered in the second chance drawing. If MauersB@thhouseBF gets no hits for team C, and if RangrzzWyrldSyrees gets no hits for teams D, E, and F, each of the two participants will receive one entry into the second chance drawing.

*Upper Deck 20th Anniversary cards will be doled out in this fashion:
-To appropriate MLB team, of course.
-Non-MLB sports cards will be given to closest proximity MLB franchise: For example, a Denver Broncos card would go to the person who chose the Rockies. A San Jose Sharks card would go to either the Giants or the A's (coin flip).
-Non-sports cards (or non-city-specific sports cards like ones of Tiger Woods) will be equally portioned out to participants who did not receive any from the above categories.

*All Historical Moments base cards will be equally distributed.

*Any dual-team cards (Cut From the Same Cloth...) will be randomed via

When sending payment, please, please, please do not ignore that little text box PayPal makes available. Please put any pertinent information in there that would help me get your cards to you faster. Include your real name and your screen name, as well as your mailing address and the team(s) you chose. By including those four simple pieces of information, you will probably subtract 48 hours from your potential delivery time. Really.

OK, you may now officially make your choices for this group break. I hope this works out in as Communist a manner as possible. (So does this make me the Karl Marx of this break, or the Lenin?)

Orioles - Jonathan @ RGB Cards (paid)
Red Sox - Cardsplitter (paid)
Yankees - longlivethewho13 (paid)
Rays - Christopher (paid)
Blue Jays - Tunguska (paid)

White Sox - BA Benny (paid)
Indians - BASEBALL DAD (paid)
Tigers - sewingmachineguy (paid)
Royals - darkship (paid)
Twins - Zpop (paid)

Angels - Thorzul
A's - Thorzul
Mariners - Matt F. (paid)
Rangers - Play at the Plate (paid)

Braves - flywheels (paid)
Marlins - Christopher (paid)
Mets - TheBrooklynMet (paid)
Phillies - deal (paid)
Nationals - Zpop (paid)

Cubs - Tunguska (paid)
Reds - Jonathan @ RGB Cards (paid)
Astros - Anthony K. (paid)
Brewers - Thorzul
Pirates - Thorzul
Cardinals - Ike's Cards (paid)

Diamondbacks - Thorzul
Rockies - Thorzul
Dodgers - gcrl (paid)
Padres - PunkRockPaint
Giants - Thorzul


Anthony K. said...

Haha, first AND I get my team.

Houston Astros please, paypal is on it's way.

Matt F. said...

I'll take the Mariners.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

Reds and Orioles thanks

deal said...

Sign Team Phungo up for the Phillies.


longlivethewho13 said...

I'll take the Yanks. Thanks.


I waited and waited and the Tribe is still there!I'll take the Cleveland Indians. Please! How was the card show?

IkesCards said...

We'll take the Cardinals!

Cardsplitter said...

Red Sox me.

TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I'll take the Mets again. Is it the same price for hits and base this time?

Thorzul said...

I'll mark you down for the Mets.
All cards will be sent this time for the same price.

Zpop said...

I'll go for the Nationals and the Twins.

Zpop said...

You put me down for the Tigers, and I would prefer the Twins as my second team. Thanks.

Thorzul said...

Fixed it. All teams that start with "T" are essentially the same anyways.

And in recent developments: "God damn it, Hoffman!"

the sewingmachineguy said...

I can't believe RoofGod has not snatched up the Tigers yet. I will take them. What's your paypal addy?

TheBrooklynMet said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
TheBrooklynMet said...

Hey, I just sent payment.

flywheels said...

I'll take the Braves please. PayPal payment has been sent!

gcrl said...

dodgers, please.

paypal later today.

Tunguska said...

Cubs and Blue Jays please. $14 on its way ASAP.

Christopher said...

Hello, I will take the Rays and Marlins. Payment being sent now

BA Benny said...

I'll jump in on the White Sox, payment on the way.