Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Holy Shit, Was That an Awful Card Show!

If you're like me, you live in a city with multiple ALDI supermarkets. You know... low overhead, ghetto locations, quarter-operated shopping carts, grocery bags you have to pay extra for...

Sunday's card show was to collecting what ALDI is to eating. At any point in the proceedings, I would have been happier if I had been able to buy a jar of Casa Mamita salsa. In other words, this was a junk-ass card show, easily the shittiest I have ever attended.

For those of you following this blog for the last seven centuries, you may recognize this as the more downmarket of the two regularly occurring Milwaukee shows. If the regular Gonzaga show is the Sean Connery of Milwaukee-area card shows (ok, maybe just the Roger Moore), the Serb Hall show is the Timothy Dalton. This weekend, however, it was the George Lazenby. If you're still following me at this point, Respeck. Booyakasha!

I paid a dollar to enter, and I got there just in time for the transition period between the auction and the door prize ($5 show cash) drawing. The show was so sparsely attended that they bucked tradition and just had everybody sign their name to the back of their ticket. I'd estimate that fifteen people entered. Four names were drawn, and mine was not among them.

The tables in the hall were so sparse that you could have started an impromptu pick-up indoor soccer game, and you would not have risked knocking down a pile of commons. Junkhouse.

All told, I spent six dollars. I'm reasonably happy with these pickups, but I was really looking for more than this. Check it.

One dealer had piles upon piles of cards in top-loaders priced a buck apiece, with a 6-for-$5 discount.

2009 Upper Deck Ballpark Collection #60 Prince Fielder (576/699)

2006 Bowman Chrome #FG3 Ryan Braun (I can't believe I didn't have this card already. A nice acquisition.)

Another Braun, 2009 Topps Ticket to Stardom Big Ticket #BT-3 (This card looked very unfamiliar to me. Only when I got home to inspect it did I realize why this was: It was from my personal pick as the worst set of 2009.)

2009 Upper Deck 20th Anniversary #1299 Robin Yount (Apparently, there are five of these. Bad uniform, but a worthwhile card.)

1982 Topps #201 George Brett In Action (One step closer to the set. Wanna help me out with a trade?)

1975 Topps #196 1958 Most Valuable Players Jackie Jensen and Ernie Banks (Pretty nice condition for this card. To be honest, it was between this and a 1966 Topps Green Hornet sticker for my sixth card. Did I make the wrong choice?)

Before leaving, I stopped by a table sporting a Bobble Bratwurst for sale, one of the things I came looking for. At $8, with no box, and with a small chip out of the head, I had to pass. However, I thumbed through a pile of books and magazines and found... this:

1992 Beckett Baseball Card Monthly #90 September 1992

Excellent purchase for a buck that let me go home happy. Shipping costs on magazines are usually way out of line with actual value, so it was nice to find one in person.

This time I have sworn it will be the last. Only the Gonzaga show from now on, no exceptions.


SpastikMooss said...

The Akron Card Shops I've gone to are a Connery and a Dalton (who I actually really like now and then). There's a third shop owned by a crazy dude with signs all over the front of the store...maybe he can be Boris?

Anthony K. said...

I WISH we had card shows out here.

I would live vicariously through your latest card show, but, uh, I have something better to do (like a root canal or, uh, a muay thai beating).

Thanks anyways ;)

Joe S. said...

Believe it or not, there's actually a WEEKLY card show out here in San Diego, held each Friday night. Believe it or not, it sounds worse than the one you went to. There are six tables, maybe, in a smoky, cramped "conference room" that is actually smaller than my living room. It's pathetic, but it DOES feature a decent $3 relic bin.

gritz76 said...

You can never go wrong with a purchase of Mr. Cub! The rest of the cards were a mistake though. That Braun kid will never go anywhere.

cynicalbuddha said...

Well that sounds better than the show I just attend up here in Alaska. The guy who put it one wasn't even selling cards are his table he was selling dvd's and it was a crappy mall with about 4 or 5 tables. I didn't even drop a dime. Nice pick ups. I can remember when I actually bought that beckett new. Still have it im my Yount collection somewhere. And those 20th Anniversary cards are terrible. All 5 of the younts have the same photo.

Peterson said...

I'd say maybe 5 issues later, I quit collecting. I miss the old "miniposter" backs and insides...that was what coverd my walls until Hendrix, Floyd and Zeppelin became my favorite players...

Christopher said...

Thank you for that graphic detailed description of the Serb Hall show. You have saved me the hour drive south! I have attended the Gonzaga Hall show and it seemed pretty decent. For some reason I still make the trek to Madison each month for the Crown Plaza show, hoping to recapture what once was...too bad it never will be again.

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

We strenuously object to your unflattering portrayal of Mr Lazenby.


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