Thursday, April 8, 2010

Totally Awesome $40 Card Lot: Part 2 -- Jetermania!

The second part of this lot wasn't even visible in any of the photos. The original owner of this lot bought into Rookie Madness back in the late-1990s, and he really stuck to his guns. Screw-down card holders aplenty, as far as the eye can see. Let's see who we've got.

First up, a trio of stars probably still in their formative teen years. Austin Kearns noticed hair in places where no hair had been before, Lance Berkman proudly showed off his "temps" astride his dad's pickup, and Alex Rodriguez first discovered the joys of self-pleasure in and around metropolitan Appleton, Wisconsin.

These two dudes were never as quite as successful, but they still got some MASSIVE screw-down holder protection.

And then, one of the crowning achievements of this lot, a shitload of early-model Derek Jeter cards.

Even at a buck apiece, a conservative estimate for this bunch, this pile of Jeter cards accounts for well over half of the cost of the lot.

This "Next In Line" insert from a 1994 Upper Deck product is probably the star of this lot. I can't find one for sale on eBay or Check Out My Cards, and it is limited to 2,500 copies, so I think this should do fairly well when I decide to resell it.

All of the cards in this post are for trade or sale, if you are interested. Offers will be entertained. Oh yes, they will be entertained.


Motherscratcher said...

There is something completely awesome about buying a card lot and getting a Sean Burroughs in a screw down holder.

White Sox Cards said...

Damn! You really got your money's worth there!

Anonymous said...

Wow, that's impressive spending right there.

Baseballislife1984 said...

raise your hand if you thought Burroughs was going to be the next best thing since sliced bread!