Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Totally Awesome $40 Card Lot: Part 5 - Minor League Stars of the Future, Now Present

The next stop in this lot was a nice little stack of 1999 Upper Deck SP Prospects cards. They're gold, refractor-y, and there were a bunch of big names in the pile, including Roy Halladay and Lance Berkman.

The previous owner of this lot (I'm picturing a large gentleman with chili stains on his shirt and body odor that's a mixture of cranberry sauce and anus) saw fit to encase a small number of the cards in penny sleeves. Comprising the chosen few: Gabe Kapler (Jacksonville Suns), J.D. Drew (Arkansas Travelers), Pat Burrell (Clearwater Phillies), and Ricky Williams... yes... the football Ricky Williams, who played for the single-A Batavia Muckdogs. Even UD disses Williams on the back of the card, beginning a bio paragraph with the phrase, "When not toiling in the Phillies' system..." I had a friend in college who went took a trip to Israel with another Jewish group from the University of Texas and met a guy who claimed to be Ricky Williams' drug dealer. At the time, Ricky was the hottest shit in the NCAA, and I desperately wanted not to believe it. Flash forward a few years when the dude took an NFL hiatus to grow a beard, attempt to cure cancer with a very strong mixture of melon rinds and Paxil, and ponder the meaning of the album art on Aoxomoxoa. Yeah, that guy really was his drug dealer.

The one extra "hit" in the stack was a Chirography autograph card of Chris Enochs of the Huntsville Stars. Although Huntsville is now the Brewers AA farm team, this card will not go into a Brewers binder since this was the actually the last year the Stars were affiliated with the Oakland A's.

Enochs never got to the majors even after three seasons (2002, 2004, 2005) in AAA, a sizable disappointment for a guy drafted 11th overall.

These are pretty decent looking cards overall, something I had not seen before. My only complaint is that you are often left high and dry when it comes to major league affiliation. Sometimes the copy mentions what team the minor league team is connected with, but sometimes not. I don't think anyone has all of the minor league affiliations memorized, much less those from over a decade ago.

More to come.


Don said...

They have Drew with the Travs? Strange as he was only there a short time in '98, and it was not even his last stop in the minors that year (finished in AAA Memphis). I remember his stint well, I only think that he played in a handfull of home games that year.

White Sox Cards said...

Goes from present day all the way back to 1919.