Thursday, April 15, 2010

Totally Awesome $40 Card Lot: Part 6 - Mathews & Aaron

I'll be honest. I pocketed a small pile of Braves long before sending the rest off to a fellow collector. But hey, they were Milwaukee Braves, or, at least they used to be Milwaukee Braves but then turned into Atlanta Braves and even after that rode into the sunset as a Milwaukee Brewer. These were no mere mortal Braves, these were Eddie Mathews and Hank Aaron. Let's see what we've got here, yes?

2001 Fleer Greats of the Game #36 Eddie Mathews

This is a clean, simple design, and I'm sure I have the Robin Yount from this set. I wonder what's in a box, and if there are any available.

Next, we've got one of those TCMA cards they try to give away with picture frames at Target, 1979 TCMA #157 Eddie Mathews.

Churches and barns are things we need to start putting into the furthest reaches of the outfield again. Am I wrong on this?

Hank Aaron also gets in on the TCMA goodness with one posed shot and one action shot.
1978 TCMA #0290(?) Hank Aaron

1981 TCMA #356 Hank Aaron

Nestle was a major player in the card racket in the 1980s. I already have the Mathews from this set, but now the duo is reunited.
1987 Topps Nestle #29 Hank Aaron

And easily my favorite card of the bunch, maybe even the whole lot.
1982 Topps Cracker Jack #9 Hank Aaron

What a bizarre card design. You've got the team name mimicking 1978 Topps, the player name is straight outta 1979 Topps, and the border consists of images of popped corn covered in caramelized sugar. I purposely cropped this card outside of the edges to show detail that appears to be dashed cutting lines. I can't say I know a lot about this card, but was it clipped form the side of a Cracker Jack box? If so, I think the original owner did a pretty nice job.

(Pre-publishing update! It appears as if these cards came in 9-card uncut sheets. There's an auction for some of the sheets here. Cool item.)

Well, that's my nice little collection of Milwaukee (and sometimes Atlanta) Braves stars, featuring the one true holder of the title "All-Time Home Run King." And if you disagree with me on that, it's "Both cheeks, both lips! Right here! Mwah, Mwah, Mwah!!"


dayf said...

I'm not gonna disagree with ya. I have all of those except for the Cracker Jack one. That is a very odd looking card indeed.

Peterson said...

great stuff...crackerjack background still better than most donruss, and similar to those old basketball/football starpics cards.

we need to trade brewer/MKE Braves doubles with each other...