Tuesday, May 18, 2010

2006 SP Legendary Cuts Group Break Results


I was all excited to upload the videos I took yesterday, but when I tried doing so, all I got was a bunch of fucked up clips that iMovie tried to hack into a new clip every second or so instead of capturing the entire take from start to finish. Upon playback within the camera, I found the video to be unwatchable. I sincerely apologize for any mistrust this might cause, but this break was completely above board. We got a lot of nice cards, but you'll just have to settle for the scans. We'll take a look at the hits box by box.

Box 1:
Robin Yount Legendary Materials (150/225) (Damn, the one time I don't take the Brewers! Fuck me in the ass with something sharp!)
Cal Ripken When It Was a Game (18/99)
Paul Molitor Baseball Chrononlogy (224/550)
Will Clark Baseball Chronology Jersey

Box 2:
Cal Ripken Baseball Chronology Jersey
Phil Niekro Place in History Signatures AUTO (15/52)
Andre Dawson Memorable Moments (114/225)
Johnny Bench Baseball Chronology (536/550)
Cy Young When It Was a Game (405/550)

Box 3:
Fergie Jenkins Legendary Materials (007/199) (Jenkins...Ferguson Jenkins... shaken, not stirred)
Casey Stengel Baseball Chronology (405/550)
Lou Brock Baseball Chronology Jersey
Denny McLain When It Was a Game (245/550)

Box 4:
Lou Brock Legendary Materials (069/225)
Ted Williams Baseball Chronology (543/550)
Ralph Kiner Baseball Chronology Bat
Will Clark When It Was a Game (129/550)

And we got three short printed base cards, which all seem to fall above #100, if that was Upper Deck's plan.
137 Bill Skowron, 167 Pie Traynor, #120 Tommie Agee

So... it looks like that's it. I now regret not taking the Brewers, since that's a Yount I didn't have from this set. The Orioles did rather nice, along with the Cardinals and Braves. That Niekro AUTO is very nice. Also kind of a weird base set. Lots of Cubs, White Sox, Tigers, and Cardinals, but no Yankees or Mets in the non-SP base set. Overall, I don't exactly feel the average box yields much value with regard to purchase price, but I do suppose you're paying a premium for a decent shot at a cut signature.

Oh... did I neglect to mention who it was?
Joe Cronin Legendary Signatures CUT AUTO (16/30)

I'm very happy for Zpop. He's taken a spot in just about every break I've held, but has never seemed to come away with much. I hope this makes it all worthwhile.

And if you have any questions about this break, please ask and I'll do my best to answer.


Zpop said...

Holy cow...

NY Hitman 23 said...

Cool! I see a few cards that I'll be getting! I never bought any of these so I'm anxious to see these in person. Congrats on the cut auto Zpop!

capewood said...

That was a waste of money for a Phillies fan.

arfmax said...

I haven't received these cards in the mail yet, can you please advise when they were sent?