Monday, May 31, 2010

Cheapo/Not-So-Cheapo Group Break: 2006 EPIC

The end of the school year is fast approaching, and following that I will be on vacation. This means that I will be holding this month's group break a little earlier than usual. For June we will be opening four boxes of 2006 Upper Deck EPIC. Lots of good stuff available in this product, five packs per box and three cards per pack with at least one game-used or autographed card in every pack.

I inspected the checklist closely and came up with a fair pricing structure. All of the current teams are represented, some more than others. A few teams will clock in at less than five dollars, while other marquee clubs will have a much higher price tag, based on a greater likelihood of getting a great card.

I'm changing things a little. For starters, payment must be immediate. Like... within five minutes of claiming your team. If I notice your comment indicating team preference but no payment has been made, I will delete your comment, thus opening your team to be claimed by someone else. I will be ordering the boxes on Thursday, June 3. Payment for your team can be made to:

And as always, please include your screen name, real name, team, and mailing address as a note in your payment message.

Here are the teams with the price following each one.

Rays $4.86: Chris Mays (paid)
Yankees $38.80: Jeanette (paid)
Blue Jays $5.90: Peterson (paid)
Red Sox $38.80: Cardsplitter (paid)
Orioles $38.80: beardy (paid)

Twins $21.37: Thorzul
Tigers $16.53: Peterson (paid)
Indians $6.85: stusigpi (paid)
White Sox $15.88: Thorzul
Royals $5.71: longlivethewho (paid)

Rangers $19.38: Thorzul
A's $14.54: Todd Uncommon (paid)
Angels $14.54: Thorzul
Mariners $8.85: Jonathan @ RGB Cards (paid)

Phillies $19.95: arfmax (paid)
Nationals $5.71: Zpop (paid)
Marlins $8.56: Hamrammobtown (paid)
Mets $28.36: BA Benny (paid)
Braves $12.83: Chris Mays (paid)

Reds $38.80: Thorzul
Cardinals $38.80: Ike's Cards (paid)
Cubs $38.80: darkship (paid)
Pirates $20.52: Todd Uncommon (paid)
Brewers $21.94: Thorzul
Astros $8.00: stusigpi (paid)

Padres $10.55: Peterson (paid)
Giants $22.95: Todd Uncommon (paid)
Dodgers $38.80: gcrl (paid)
Rockies $4.27: Thorzul
Diamondbacks $5.43: Thorzul

Remember, claim (and pay for) your team by Thursday at 5:00 pm Central. Good luck, hope you get something good!


Jeanette said...


longlivethewho said...

I'll take Royals.

stusigpi said...

Astros and Indians? Trade for next month in my break?

Thorzul said...

Deal, stusigpi.

Chris Mays said...


I'll take the Braves and the Rays.

Payment has been sent.


darkship said...

I'll go for the Cubs


Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'll take the Mariners, thanks.

Word verification: quingo

Hamrammobtown said...

I'm in for the!

IkesCards said...

In for the Cardinals...

arfmax said...

I'll take the Phillies.


beardy said...

O's por favor

Peterson said...

Tigers Padres...and Jays
payment in the next ten check it.

Todd Uncommon said...

Take that!

I sent payment before I posted my claim to the Giants and Athletics.

Um...they are still available, right?

Zpop said...

Nationals please.

gcrl said...


BA Benny said...

I will grab the NY Mets

arfmax said...

Just curious, when do you think this break will occur?