Monday, May 17, 2010

Dayf is Very Perceptive

Last night I was in the middle of posting this, but I had to finish up quick because the couple with whom my wife and I were going to the game arrived earlier than I had expected. Thus the abbreviated, somewhat cryptic post.

Sometimes brilliant ideas pop into my mind, but I am not the one to bring them to fruition. Of the few guesses that were made, dayf's was almost 100% spot-on. I had the idea the other day that running onto the field (which, outside of Braden's perfect game, has been the biggest story of this young season) has hit a creative standstill. Now, while I in no way condone the act, I think I might be "The Jackass' Muse." (By the way, I fully support the tasing that took place in Philly. Idiotic behavior demands stringent consequences: Tasing was the perfect consequence, and should be established at all stadiums for such trespassing.)

That being said, I think that, if you're going to make a complete ass of yourself, at least be poetic about it. Here's my idea: The field runner dons the mantle of "Baseball Card Fairy." Wings, wand, and tutu are compulsory, along with a wicker basket full of... you guessed it, CARDS. The Baseball Card Fairy would liberally sprinkle junkwax-era cards all over his (or her) path on the field of play, perhaps even beginning within the seating area, kind of as a treat for the spectators putting up with suc h jackassery.

Sure, the cleanup time would be lengthened, but at least the fans get a bit of theatre. Not sure why this comes to mind now, but perhaps it's because my team sucks so very, very badly right now, especially at home.

Of course, I completely abhor this despicable practice, but I wouldn't mind seeing a variation on the standard practice just once.


sruchris said...

That reminds me, whatever happened to Morganna?

Mad Guru said...

Might be fun to actually do it in the stands, perhaps as an effort to negate the abominable Wave.

dogfacedgremlin said...

to sruchris...I think after she did Kingpin she went into seclusion, never to be heard from again.

Anthony K. said...

Freaking. Awesome.

I'd be down.

Maybe a few test runs in the independent leagues and Low-A ball before debuting it at the Major League level?

Mad Guru said...

You need to get Steve Bartman to do it. Either the power of redemption through baseball cards would cause folks to forgive his playoff transgressions or he gets tased and Cubs fans would rejoice.