Sunday, May 16, 2010

Going to the Game Tonight

See if you can put this together.





I ain't doing it.
Make your guesses


dayf said...

You're going to go to the game dressed as a fairy, jump onto the field and get tazed in the junk.

gritz76 said...

How would that be different than any other Thorzul outing?

Todd Uncommon said...

Let's see if I can put this together.

You were down to your last five life points, but this game has been a grinder since you started, and you just want it to be over. His Black-Blue-Red deck has proven to be a unique and formidable challenge.

Your opponent again attacks with his Nectar Faerie, and spends the mana to tap his Tawnos' Wand to make it unblockable.

As it has been the the past four turns, your Wall of Junk is useless against it.

Just prior to finishing you off with a Lightning Blast, your opponent tutus you with Faerie Tauntings for good measure.

Am I right? Did I win? Was that super nerdy?