Monday, May 24, 2010

If I Lived in SC I'd Be All Over This

250,000 cards for about $700? Despite the fact that most of it is junk, there's almost no way you couldn't make money reselling it. Too bad it's local pick-up only.

Those cans of Pinnacle are nothing short of a beautiful, hot mess. Clean-up in aisle seven!


flywheels said...

I'm in SC...where is this?

Thorzul said...

Listing says Ware Shoals. I have no idea where that is.

William said...

This picture would've been a wet dream for me 13 years ago.

gritz76 said...

Road trip? I'm just down the road from you. I-90 that is.

Thorzul said...

"Harold and Kumar Want to Buy Some Cards"

Joe S. said...

Obviously there's nothing of any real value in the lot, but who cares? Look at all that wax!

dayf said...

Dear Lord, I have most of that crap already.

Braves Champion Coke Cans - check.
1995 Score blaster mini binder - check.
Old price guides - check.
1991 Foam Tomahawk - check.
Piles of Pinnacle Cans - check.
Random collection of pennants - check.
Packs of Topps 3D - check.
Wall o' Monster boxes - check.

Maybe if I am lucky this guy broke into my basement this weekend and cleaned up the joint.

dayf said...

Correction: that is a 1996 Score blaster mini binder. The 1995 blaster had a full sized binder. I have them both.

gritz76 said...

I'm free next week!