Sunday, May 9, 2010

May Group Break Officially Open

The group break for the month of May is now open. We will be opening four boxes of 2006 Upper Deck SP Legendary Cuts. You can look up the specifics yourselves, but the big prize to be won could be a cut autograph, which are inserted at a rate of two per case.

Back when this was released, the emphasis was still on legends, not current players. Because of this, the team formatting and price structure will be a little different. I did a lot of homework on the checklist, and came up with what I think is a price structure that fairly reflects each team's likelihood of receiving cards. Based on the odds, I have created four separate tiers of teams, each with a different buy-in price. I believe this will give potential participants many different choices relative to how much they are willing to spend.

As always, state your team preference in the comments and pay as soon as possible with PayPal. I will only consider opening this break up to mailed payments if I am having trouble filling it. As of right now, PayPal only. Payments will have to be sent by 5:00 PM Central time this Wednesday, or you will lose your spot. Also, please make sure you include your screen name, real name, address, and team chosen in the PayPal message. This went a lot better for the last break, and allowed me to get the cards out much faster without having to scrounge for addresses. Also, feel free to select as many teams as you would like. Multiple teams, however, will require immediate payment.

Payment is to be sent to the following address:


Tier I ($26.00 apiece)
Yankees: equus (paid)
Red Sox: Cardsplitter (paid)
Cubs: arfmax (paid)
Dodgers: night owl (paid)
Cardinals: Chris Mays (paid)
Reds: Alex (paid)
Orioles/Browns: beardy (paid)

Tier II ($17.00 apiece)
Athletics (Philadelphia, Kansas City, Oakland): Beardy (paid)
Phillies: capewood (paid)
Tigers: I Don't Know....3rd Base (paid)
Indians: Mad Guru (paid)
Giants (New York, San Francisco): NY Hitman 23 (paid)
Twins/Senators: Zpop (paid)
Pirates: NY Hitman 23 (paid)

Tier III ($13.00 apiece)
Braves/Beaneaters: Chris Mays (paid)
Brewers: Joe from the South Side (paid)
White Sox: Alarion (paid)
Angels: Todd Uncommon (paid)
Mets: Teddy Dzubia (paid)

Tier IV ($11.00 for any two teams of your choice, first come, first serve)
Royals: Matt F. (paid)
Padres: BA Benny (paid)
Rangers: BA Benny (paid)
Expos: Matt F. (paid)
Astros: Todd Uncommon (paid)
Blue Jays: Todd Uncommon (paid)

I think I'm pretty solid on all of the Yount cards in this set, so I'm going to stay out of this break. That means the Brewers are available, folks.
In addition, if we get some kind of crazy cut that doesn't belong to any particular team, it will be randomed off among all participants. I know you can get something like a Ford Frick auto and stuff like that, though it's unlikely. I think I have the franchise continuity all figured out, but if we get something weird I'll be sure it gets to the right person. Good luck, hope you get the team you want.


equus said...

ooooo, i got the yankees. i will send money soon.

Chris Mays said...

I'll take the Braves.

NY Hitman 23 said...

I'll take the Pirates. Money is on the way

capewood said...

Phillies and Astros. Money to follow.

Thorzul said...

If you want the Phillies, that's fine. The Astros, however, have to be paired with another team from the Tier IV list. Those Tier IV teams are very sparsely represented on the checklist, thus the smaller price. Let me know your other team.

Matt F. said...

Am I wrong or are the Mariners missing from your list?

If they should be in Tier IV I would take the Royals and Mariners.

Alex said...

The Reds please.

Zpop said...

I'll take the Twins/Senators please.

Thorzul said...

Matt F.,
The Mariners are too new of a team and they don't have any players on the checklist. Let me know which other team you want with the Royals.

Matt F. said...

I'll go with Expos. Thanks!

Cardsplitter said...

Red Sox me. I will paypal you a gift tomorrow.

beardy said...

O's por favor. Payment will be sent momentarily.

capewood said...

OK. I read the rules again. I'm not really interested in any of the other Tier IV teams and I'm not that interested in the Astros. So let's just go with the Phillies.

Jeremy said...

I'd be interested in the Jays and Astros.

night owl said...

Ah, hell, there's no cards at the store to buy. So I'll throw my money at the Dodgers. I'll paypal by mid-Monday.

arfmax said...

I'll take the Cubs, please.


I Don't Know....3rd Base said...

I'll take the Tigers, please.

Thank you!

Mad Guru said...

I'm feeling lucky. I'll take the Indians, please, and either the Speaker or Covaleski signature, whichever you want to pull.

Alarion said...

Throw me in for the Chicago White Sox. Sending payment in a bit.

Chris Mays said...


I'll take the Cardinals too. I've sent the payment.

Peterson said...

Brewers and Padres for me?
paypal ready upon confirmation.

Peterson said...

scratch that...GIANTS and BREWERS for me...holy cow, could I really get my first two picks of teams in Thorzul's break?

Teddy Dziuba said...

Let me know if the Mets are still available and I'll shoot you $13 for em

BA Benny said...

I will go with the Padres/Rangers combo plate please. I will send paypall in the next day or two when funds replenish a bit. Thanks.

Todd Uncommon said...

I will close out the group with the Angels. Unless of course, someone doesn't pay for other teams, then maybe I can join moar!