Sunday, May 16, 2010


The other day I received a large lot of Topps Unique cards. This lot amounted to the contents of maybe three boxes of $90-$100 product, minus a few big hits. For $22 dollars (including shipping) I got a ton of numbered rookie cards, a shit ton of red parallel cards, several inserts, a Soriano/Ramirez dual jersey card (meh), a Vlad Guerrero bat card, a Jack Cust AUTO, and this Magglio Ordonez patch card.


What in the world happened to the patch??? It looks like someone took an X-Acto knife and liberated it. From the looks of things, it very well might have been one of the serifs from the "X" in "SOX." I'm not complaining, really I'm not... I'm just curious about what happened to it. In the eBay listing this card is fully visible and pretty much looks like what's now in front of me, but I just figured it was like a single-color patch with some gray stitching.

Fully aware that I did indeed receive exactly what was in the picture, I have left the seller positive feedback. After all, this was a great deal, and he had to eat about $3.00 on shipping, too. I don't think this guy is the type to take this patch and slap it on something else to try to make a buck. If he wanted to do that he could have gone out and bought a cheap cap or old jersey and gone to town on it. I sent a nicely-worded message asking how the Magglio got in that condition. I haven't heard back yet, but I'll keep you posted should anything come of this.

To quote Alice: "Curiouser and curiouser."


Carl Crawford Cards said...

Ebay is just this side of the Somali coast in term of nefarious goings on these days. That's just weird. Interested to see if he responds.

Peterson said...

there is some bizzaro post-purchase quality control bizzness goin on here.

White Sox Cards said...

Very strange.

Steve said...

Sometimes when something bad happens to a card, you just have to get rid of it and make it someone else's problem. That will be the case when I eventually sell the 1952 Topps Andy Pafko card #1 that I tried to "repair" as a teenager, not realizing that I was making it worse. I have to get that out of my house--it taunts me every time I see it.