Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Unpaid Teams Available: Brewers, Giants, Astros/Blue Jays

Some dudes didn't pay by the deadline, so I'm putting the Brewers ($13), Giants ($17), and the Astros/Blue Jays combo ($11) up for grabs. The Giants might be an awesome steal, since they cover the New York years as well as the San Fran ones.

First comment claims the slot, but payment must be immediate. Send to
Comment on this page if you want a team.

WTF am I doing? By abandoning the Brewers, I'm virtually guaranteeing we pull a Yount AUTO.

Brewers have been claimed.
Giants have been claimed.


Joe said...

Sent For Brewers!!

NY Hitman 23 said...

I'll take the Giants as well. Money on the way!

Todd Uncommon said...

Here I am for the Astros/Jays combo!

Payment will be sent momentarily.

Peterson said...

goddammit...I did not see yesterday's post, I was at work for 12 hrs...Is there anything I can do? I was freaking that I got the Giants/brewers combo!?!?!?