Saturday, May 15, 2010

What the Eff is This Ess?

This post is very much off the top of my head, so do your best to follow along.

As per usual, I was cruising for some Yount cards this morning, and I ran across this.


OK, now I have to know where these come from. Here is the link to the card.
My curiosity was piqued. Here are a bunch more Special Olympics 1/1s. Where in the world did these come from? They appear to be some sort of insert buyback, possibly from 2001 Donruss, but I'm skeptical on the whole thing.

Some more searching found this card:

After that, some more digging found this eBay item, which explains quite a lot. In 1987 Leaf produced a small (18-card) set to promote the Special Olympics, with artwork by Dick Perez.

But those 2001s... man, I'm suspicious. Can an organization just buy a foil embosser and stamp away at crappy cards, then pawn them off as one-of-a-kind items? If so, where can I buy an embosser, and how interested would you be to own a 1987 Topps Bo Jackson Thorzul Will Rule Exclusive 1/1?

But then I looked again at those 1/1s. They are almost exclusively horrible, horrible, horrible, players.

What's going on here?

Actually, I looked a little closer, and the player selection isn't all that bad once you get to the second and third pages. I'm thinking there's no way this is legit. It's probably just a scheme those bastards down at Special Olympics cooked up to raise some funds. Thoughts on this? Can we let this one slide? Or is this practice simply, for lack of a more appropriate word, retarded?

(By the way, the guy selling that Yount is a dealer who has a shop here in Milwaukee. There's no way he's ever getting $200 for this thing.)


SpastikMooss said...

Aw man, I want an embosser! Once I get bored with 1/1's I'll make some 046/120's, 793/1,692's, and maybe even some 754/12,000!


dayf said...

"Can an organization just buy a foil embosser and stamp away at crappy cards, then pawn them off as one-of-a-kind items?"

Yes, and sellers have been doing it for years. It's a total utter scam. You may as well try to sell one of my autographed 1/1 2010 Bip Cards as a legit 1/1. I guess suckers buy the things or they wouldn't do it.

Peterson said...

I feel like this is some kind of bizarro-serial numbering. Obviously, if any one of us writes 1/1 in red ink on a heritage card, some asshole out there just might bite. Now we are considerably more cognizant of the finer art of honesty. marketing ploy? at best, but the nature of this beast is positively baffling...I mean they're stickers fergods sake. and the "label" looks like some home-made candy tag.
WHO is this marketed to is the real stumper...
Topps Desert Shield: free to soldiers, okay.
Special olympics 1/1:costly to the differently abled?

I'll take that Bo Jackson in a heartbeat when we get you an embosser.
(sorry for the liturgy)

William said...

You bite your tongue. Josh Booty is a multi-sport legend.

Rich said...

I from Milwaukee too, and I have to vouch this dealer. He is a great guy and mostly sells his cards at current ebay pricing. He'll charge extra for some players from the home teams and may over price some cards that have no history on ebay, but in that case you don't have to buy the card. He'll most likely get $100 from a less educated card collector. In the end you can't blame him for making money. In my opinion it's the only Card Shop to go to in the Milwaukee area.

Peterson said...

I lived in Milwaukee,and am sure this shop is no more crooked than I am, but this lends no info to the question of these cards' actual generation or origin...That is what's eating me. (I mean if the Yount was like 2bucks, I would buy it, like you said, that's my personal price.)