Monday, June 14, 2010

The Great 2010 Topps Experiment: Series II

Alright, I gave it a couple of weeks, and I'm ready to start begging all of you so send me your Topps Series II doubles, or just any that you don't want.

If you don't know (or don't remember) what I'm talking about, here's where it all began. For Series I, you helped me complete the set within 35 days of my initial post. Let's beat that time, at least by a day. As before, I will just solicit any and all cards from the get-go, and when it gets down to a manageable size, I will start posting a want list for the cards I need. All doubles, as per the hallowed tradition, will be randomed off to a lucky reader once the set, cards #331-660, is complete.

To help me complete Series II, you can send your cards to:
Bill Boehm
1916 N. 52nd St.
Milwaukee, WI 53208

Remember: The generosity of card bloggers knows no bounds.

And in case anybody's wondering, no, I will not be duplicating this stunt with Updates & Highlights. After all, that's my time to return the favor by letting you trade me... anything.


dayf said...

what if we just want to send you all our crappy Updates & Highlights cards? Especially the ones in Heritage High - blecch.

Cardsplitter said...

You better be saving your money for some more box breaks, you cheap bastige.

Tunguska said...

Just dropped a bunch in the mail for your experiment today.
Don't worry, we'll crush the Series 1 record.

Fabe said...

I just mailed out a package for the experiment, Good Luck!

Kaitlyn said...

Cool experiment! I would love to win the doubles that you have left over because I am also working on the second half of the set :)