Monday, June 7, 2010

Pimpin' Ain't Easy

You ever meet one of those guys who was just great at everything?
Turns out, I collect his cards. Let me explain.

Last night I was looking through a photo album containing pictures of my honeymoon cruise from December, 2008. I came across a photo we took at one of the ports of call.

If you couldn't guess, yes, Norwegian Cruise Lines harnessed the power of Yount to tether the massive ship to the dock. Unfortunately, Robin could not be there in the flesh at this time of year, but word had it he could often be found stationed in the very same spot keeping the Norwegian Spirit from drifting out to sea using only his teeth. Manly.

While not anchoring multi-million-dollar maritime vessels, Mr. Yount also tried his hand at keeping his batting average up. Here is my newest acquisition.

1990 Topps Batting Leaders #15

If you're anything like me, it would take quite a lot to get excited about a Robin Yount card from 1990. However, this puppy is a relatively rare find.

In 1990, Topps sold some of its flagship set cards in 101-count blister packs, such as the one seen below.

But 1990, you cry? Wasn't that smack dab in the middle of the era of overproduction? Yes, but this card came with a catch. There was only one of these included per blister pack, and these blister packs were only sold at K-Mart. I'm guessing here, but I'd say that these were in relatively short supply in comparison to standard 1990 Topps wax packs. I had actually been watching another one of these Yount cards that had a BIN of around $17.00. A traditional auction finally popped up, and I snagged it for a few bucks. (A similar card, using the same photo, and sporting a red border, was produced in 1989. I'm still searching for one available at a reasonable price.)

Aye-aye, cap'n.


madding said...

That's crazy. Now I need to find out if there are any Cardinals in this thing. It's too bad I can't crush hundreds of regular 1990 Topps cards and make one of those myself.

mmmrhubarb said...

crap, I'm STILL looking high-and-low for the Hrbek and Puckett cards