Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Set Completion: Bad Taste Edition

When you were in school, were you the type of kid who did the easiest homework first? Study advisors would tell you to start with the hard stuff, but me... I liked to just get something done to build positive momentum for the tough stuff. You know, like doing some worksheets that involved coloring to get you ready for reams of sentence diagramming. Finishing off my 2008 Upper Deck X set is a lot like coloring all of the pictures with a long vowel sound blue. Sure, it's done, but I'm far from satisfied.

The last two cards needed for the set (for which I chose to collect the base cards and their die-cut counterparts) were both die-cuts: #61 Jose Reyes and #68 Alex Rodriguez

They look like they are about to run into each other, with neither one looking where they're going. I think that's what happened at the offices of Upper Deck when the decision was made to go ahead with 2009 X, the follow-up to the 2008 debut. Two staffers were running wildly through the office hallways, trying to reach their boss to tell him to kill the brand. They arrived at a blind corner at the exact same moment, clunked heads and knocked each other out, only to awaken in the year 2010 to find their baseball division shut down. Speaking of 2009 X, I can only explain that I'm a fan of kitsch, so I'm trying to build that set, too. Wanna trade with me?

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