Thursday, June 24, 2010

Set Completion: Comics Edition

Last week I went shopping at one of my local Half Price Books, and I was smart enough to bring my handwritten JLA comic book checklist with me. With just one issue needed to complete the 125-issue series (about a ten-year span), I quickly hit the long boxes and was elated to hit gold.

JLA #78

I had a subscription for about a year or so, but the rest of the series had to be pieced together on the fly. For something I started collecting during my freshman year in college, this is quite the personal accomplishment, relatively speaking. The scrap of paper the list is on has made it through countless places of residence and has never been lost, a miracle in and of itself.
Hells to the yes.

Now if only I could get going on this blasted Green Lantern list...

The JLA series was begun by the great Grant Morrison in 1996. I jumped aboard about a year into the run, elated to find that the League, which has devolved into a sorry group of second stringers in titles like Justice League Europe, was only accepting the bravest and the boldest. No more Metamorpho, no more Vibe, not even any more of Power Girl and her gigantic set of tits. Can I get a what-what from all of the card collectors out there who are also into comics?


TJ said...

What-What! I've been frantically trying to catch up on Green Lantern so I can start Blackest Night, which as been over for a while. It's taking a while. I think comics might be more expensive than collecting cards! Nice job on finishing JLA

cynicalbuddha said...

What what! God this makes me feel old but I remember buying the original JLA(Justice League of America) back in the 80's, when yes it dissolved into 2nd stringers and read the crappy Justice League America and Europe and finally JLA and the new Justice League of America. I'll always have a soft spot in my heart for the JLA, especially the original series, it was the comic that got me into collecting comics before I was into cards. I picked up a huge stack for a quarter a piece at a flee market in El Paso in the late 80's and I was hooked. Although my tastes have changed I still love the media and being a closet cartoonist I love the format. I still pick up anything by Garth Ennis, Neil Gaiman, Terry Moore, and Alan Moore,no relation. I'm a little pissed Wizard has become such a piece of shit and that the selection of titles is mainly super heroes, but Manga offers a lot too. Plus I can't fault a man that roots for the Brewers. What what again.

stusigpi said...

What what

There you go. I was big into comics when JLA came out int he 90's, I missed the first issue for some reason, but this was the time when issues 2-5 held value because the drop off in orders. I used to raid long boxes after watching trends in Wizard and then go buy them out of the hot back issues because the shop owners didnt have time to reprice for 2-3 months at a time. One of my favorites that came out about the same time was Resurrection Man. Pretty good story for the first 10-15 issues.

After I sold my collection in 2000 for a cool $5k, my comic buying dwindled. I fea it will pick up again shortly.

Frankly I would rather have an ASM #238 cgc 9 than 4 boxes of Ultimate Baseball.

BigD said...

Nice work finishing a run like that. I still go to the comic shop at least every other week. I agree with TJ though on the cost. Those $3.99 cover prices are ridiculous.

GCA said...

How 'bout a what-wha'. I haven't bought a comic in years. I have 8½ long boxes up in the closet full of DC & Marvel from "before the revolution" where they redid everything. Mostly from late 70's to mid 80s.
I probably have a 98% complete run of the JLA with the Green Lantern guy with the Moe haircut. Not sure which version that is...
I should weed out some of the titles, but every time I look on ebay for comics, none of what I have is worth selling.