Sunday, July 11, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Case Report -- Part 1: Boo!

In the spirit of blogging positivity (which seems to be of the utmost importance to powerful trade publications lately, at least more so than integrity in journalism), I'll split my 2010 Topps Allen & Ginter half-case review into two parts. First, you will get "Boo!", focusing on the less-than-stellar aspects of the six-box break. After that, good news only, I promise.

1. My first gripe has to do with quality control. Many of my early packs contained one damaged card, dinged all to shit in the lower left-hand corner. This, regrettably, put me a few cards short of a complete non-SP base set. Hopefully I can finish the sucker with help from my case break partner. In 2010, this should not be happening, especially to cards pulled mid-pack. They went into the packs this way, which is completely unacceptable. The minis were mostly OK, except for a few of my National Animals, which were found horizontally placed within the pack, causing minor bending.

2. Out of the six boxes, I got four cabinet cards. Two of them were this Houston Astros Highlights card...

...and the other two depicted the Hoover Dam.

This is also unacceptable. While I was left about 12 or 13 short prints shy of the set, I can understand, probability-wise, that I might not get a complete set out of six boxes. On the other hand, double duplicates of cabinet cards within the same case is intolerable.

A "Dam Shame," if you ask me.

3. My third and fourth grievances are minor, but still irritating. I got three of these Mark Buehrle highlights cards. At around two per box, I would have liked a little bit better collation.

4. I was also blessed with two Ian Kinsler bat relics. Again, I realize that things like this can happen. I think I read somewhere that it only takes about 30 strangers in a room for the probability of two people sharing the same birthday (not counting the year, of course) to become higher than everyone having an exclusive birthday.

Coming up next: 2010 Ginter: "Yay!"

Oh, and any duplicates you see are available for trade.


beardy said...

I had the exact same issues as you did, with the exception of cabinet card doubles. The quality control this year is absolutely unacceptable.

Tunguska said...

Those edges/corners should at least get a 9 if you have them graded.

Whoops, was that negativity seeping in?.......... was just sarcasm.

Play at the Plate said...

I shall find something suitable to trade for the Kinsler bat. I shall indeed.