Wednesday, July 14, 2010

2010 Allen & Ginter Case Report -- Part 2: Yay!

The other day I decided to bag on the crap half of my half case. Today, we behold the glory that is Allen & Ginter. Here are the highlights of my six boxes.

In addition to the Ian Kinsler bat cards, I also pulled nine star/semi-star relic cards.

Along with those came four superstar jersey cards. I know I'm playing a little fast and loose with the terms, but this is my best approximation. Ethier is really the one guy on the fence, but for the sake of square numbers, let's call him a superstar.

The only other relic I got was that of Marvin Miller, former executive director of the MLBPA. The label says "shirt," but that pattern just screams "tie." Other Miller shirt relics I've seen for sale are mostly just a plain black swatch, so this one is pretty special. If it really is from a shirt, I hope the guy liked the beach. It also looks a lot like something George Michael Bluth would wear.

One of my N43 box toppers was a Prince Fielder. Always nice to get a hometown player on something like that.

One of my National Animals was the United Kingdom's Bulldog. I heard dayf wanted one of these. Holler if you still need it, dude.

In my very last pack in the last box, something interesting came out. I had no idea they were doing this, but one of the stealth short printed mini series is Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Joy. Very, very cool card, indeed. I think this is a set I want to go for. Although I am having Pro Set flashbacks at this very moment.

Up next, autographs of men who throw, catch, and hit base-balls with a stick of wood falling within regulations regarding length and weight. Their names are Josh Willing-ham and Chris-topher Young.

I also got an autograph of Judson Laipply, the guy from the Evolution of Dance YouTube video. He wishes me love and peace. At the time of this posting, 147,359, 297 people have viewed his original video. To put this in perspective, that number is greater than the number of people who voted for Barack Obama and John McCain combined in the 2008 election. With the right campaign manager, and perhaps some fudging of birth records, Dramatic Chipmunk can win back the presidency in 2012.

This autograph was signed by the best horseshoe player in the world.

Check out this table of World Horseshoe Champions, starting in 1989. That's called dominance.

And I'll end with just a little thing called a printing plate. I believe the odds on these were 1:799. I would have liked a player from just about any other team, or a guy who's healthy right now, but I'll take it.

Trades for anything you see here will be considered, but no sucking dicks for cheeseburgers, please. (Be advised, I had nothing to do with the addition of the phrase to the BCP lexicon.)


FanOfReds said...

That Santa Clause card is a case hit. Nice pull on the printing plate too - I've still never pulled one of those. You definitely got the better "half" of the box - at least in terms of "oddball" hits. I've really got to get my stuff up (and sorted).

Rod (Padrographs) said...

Opened one box and got the Dunn bat, Butler and Danks jerseys and a Maybin auto.

natscards said...

I'm interested in the Dunn and Willingham...pretty sharp. I'll shoot you an email to talk trade.

beardy said...

Your case looks a lot like my case, right down to the hits. Were you shocked at how many weak autos are on the checklist? Best ballplayer auto I pulled was Placido freakin' Polanco.

TJ said...

Apparently everyone in the country is being issued a Billy Butler relic. I bought one pack and that's what I got. At least it's someone I collect.

Nice job on the hits. So was the case worth it to you?

dayf said...


Also: watch your mail. More to come once I find anything on your weirdo want lists.

BA Benny said...

I would like to trade you for the Wright jersey. I will e-mail you.

steve said...

The question is: will the Creatures of Legend, Myth, & Joy contain a kraken or a leviathan?