Thursday, July 1, 2010

2010 Topps Experiment II: Update #5

You know the drill: More cards, one step closer, blah blah blah, Bob Loblaw. These were from A Titan & the Crew, a relatively new Brewers blogger who calls Oshkosh home.

From the cards the Titan sent (and I didn't have), I picked out a few players who I like in principle, but who are ultimately flawed. Soldiering on...

#589 Edinson Volquez
Like the guy, love his flat brim, but he failed a drug test earlier this year. It sounds like his comeback efforts (from a DL stint) are going well, and I'd like to see him back soon. If it comes down to the Reds and Cardinals in the NL Central, I'm throwing my support to Cincinnati.

#448 Joakim Soria
Great closer, but not as cool as similarly named Deutscher Fußball-Bund (German National Football Team) head coach, Joachim Loew. Nor is Soria as fashion-conscious. I will be rooting hard for Germany against Argentina this Saturday. (And yes, I did just blow your minds with an ess-tset. German, bitches!)

#426 Mark Reynolds
Dude mashes the ball, but does he have to use to many curse words, er... I mean... strike out so much?

A bonus card was also found, this 2010 Topps Heritage Prince Fielder New Age Performers insert.

Great cards, and a nice introduction to a new Brewers blog that I'll be sure to keep checking out.

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