Thursday, July 15, 2010

2010 Topps Experiment II: Update #9 (Scrabble Edition)

This batch of cards came from someone only identifying himself as BS. I assure you, the cards BS sent were not BS. Dude checked the new list I had and came up with twenty cards I needed.

During the sorting process, I noticed that several of the cards depicted players whose last name was not just a proper noun, but was also an actual word from the English language as well. Here they are, each with a short explanation or makeshift definition.

#657 Chris Young and #643 Michael Young
Opposite of old.

#489 Russell Martin
A type of bird (swallow).

#633 Daniel Bard
A poet.

#380 J.D. Drew
Past tense of draw.

#581 Chris Dickerson
A slovenly man who sticks his penis into any available hole.

(Sorry, Reds fans. Nothing against your team, but that's what Webster's told me.)

Thanks, BS!

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No problem. Happy to help.