Monday, July 5, 2010

Satchel Paige, Honus Wagner, Tony Gwynn, et al...

These guys are some of the ones still available in my upcoming 2005 Upper Deck Heroes of Baseball Group Break.

The complete list of available players ($7.50 each):
Ryne Sandberg
Tony Gwynn
Wade Boggs
Roger Maris
Honus Wagner
Johnny Mize
Lefty Grove
Mel Ott
Roy Campanella
Satchel Paige

Enter at the original post here. Maybe you don't remember these guys, but your grandpa sure does! Surprise the old man and get his ticker racing when you pull that great card for him. Come on, grandma doesn't go down on him anymore, at least give him something to live for! Not even aitch-jays! For crying out loud, the old guy remembers what it was like to wear a suit to a baseball game. A flippin' suit! Jiminy Cricket... man alive!

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