Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Cardboard Junkie Sent Me My Fix

When Upper Deck started placing its 20th Anniversary Retrospective cards into packs last year, most collectors saw it as another tedious set on the heels of the '08 Yankee Stadium garbage that subtracted base cards from packs we paid hard-earned money to open. Personally, I kind of liked the set, at least to some degree. Yes, it often took the place of one base card, but it put Upper Deck's place in the hobby into perspective. I may not have been expecting a card with Reggie Theus to appear in my pack of Goudey, but yeah, I kind of remember when the Orlando Magic joined the league as an expansion team.

While never feeling any pressure to build this set, there was one small part of it I wanted to own. I'm not certain how many cards the complete set had, but up there in the high numbers was a run of Robin Yount cards that somehow needed to make its way into one of my binders. Starting with card #1296 through #1300 was a five-card string of Yount cards, all the same picture on the front, with a slightly different blurb on the back. With so much material to choose from over a 20-year period, I wonder why they had to reuse the same image over and over. In any case, up until recently, I had acquired the following cards:

Then dayf sent me some nice stuff along with a stack of cards for the 2010 Topps Experiment.
Among them, #1298.

With no prior knowledge of my need for this card, I find it quite remarkable that he sent me the one that I needed.
A good man, that dayf. And if anyone tells you different, send them to me and I'll box their ears!


Kevin said...

Are you still doing Trade Me Anything this year? I've got an Anything that I can't wait to send your way.

Thorzul said...

It's coming in October or November, whenever Updates & Highlights is released.