Friday, July 2, 2010

New Group Break Officially Open!

It's a beautiful Friday summer night, and I'm choosing to reward the sedentary, the dateless, and the homebound with the first crack at my next group break. For the July break, we will be opening four boxes (tins) of 2005 Upper Deck Baseball Heroes. You can check out a box break I did almost three years ago here, and you can find the set checklist here. Rather than signing up for a team, I'm having people sign up by player. Each player has five sequential cards in the set. Some represent only one team, while others are depicted with a variety of teams throughout their career. No matter, if we get a card for your guy, you get it regardless of the team.

Each player will cost you only $7.50. Feel free to choose as many players as you would like. All payments must me made by PayPal and must be sent immediately after making your choice. State your player of choice in the comments section on this post.
Payment can be sent to:

As always, please include your screen name as well as your real name in the payment message area, as well as your mailing address.

Bob Feller- Motherscratcher (paid)
Brooks Robinson- Jonathan @ RGB Cards (paid)
Cal Ripken, Jr.- Dan (paid)
Carl Yastrzemski- Zpop (paid)
Don Mattingly- BA Benny (paid)
Tom Seaver- BA Benny (paid)
Harmon Killebrew- gcrl (paid)
Jim Palmer- Jonathan - natstown (paid)
Mike Schmidt- arfmax (paid)
Ozzie Smith- madding (paid)
Paul Molitor- Joe form the South Side (paid)
Al Kaline- Grand Cards (paid)
Robin Yount- Thorzul
Ryne Sandberg- Tunguska (paid)
Stan Musial- Chris Mays (paid)
Steve Carlton- Chris Mays (paid)
Tony Gwynn- Colbey (flywheels) (paid)
Wade Boggs- Zpop (paid)
Will Clark- TJ (paid)
Yogi Berra- BA Benny (paid)
Babe Ruth- Thorzul
Roger Maris- Zpop (paid)
Don Drysdale- gcrl (paid)
Eddie Mathews- Joe from the South Side (paid)
Honus Wagner- Chris Crook (paid)
Jackie Robinson- Tunguska (paid)
Jimmie Foxx- Dan (paid)
Joe DiMaggio- longlivethewho (paid)
Johnny Mize- Zpop (paid)
Lefty Grove- Zpop (paid)
Lou Gehrig- Alec (paid)
Mel Ott- Zpop (paid)
Mickey Mantle- arfmax (paid)
Roberto Clemente- sruchris (paid)
Rogers Hornsby- Motherscratcher (paid)
Roy Campanella- Zpop (paid)
Satchel Paige- Chris Crook (paid)
Ted Williams- Zpop (paid)
Thurman Munson- longlivethewho (paid)
Ty Cobb- sewingmachineguy (paid)

Sign up fast before your player is gone. I'd like to order the boxes by Monday, so get in by then.

By the way, I have a player in my head who I'm thinking will be the last one chosen. Don't make me have to pick up this guy's slot. In fact, the person that picks this player will receive $1.00 in cash back from me when I send the cards out, whether we pull one of his cards or not. Once he is chosen, I will reveal who it is.


Chris Mays said...

Hi Thorzul.

I'll take Stan Musial and Steve Carlton. The money is on the way ...

madding said...

Put me down for Ozzie Smith.

Grand Cards said...

Al Kaline Please!

Jonathan @ RGB Cards said...

I'd like Brooks Robinson, thanks.

Jonathan - natstown said...

I'd like Jim Palmer. I'll send you the money in the morning.

Alec said...

I'll take Lou Gehrig please. Thank you!

Alec said...

Oh, and by the way, if I remember correctly the tins these come in have players on the outside; if you get a tin featuring the player we select, will you send those out too?

arfmax said...

I would like Mike Schmidt and Mickey Mantle, payment in a few minutes.


Motherscratcher said...

Put me down for Ole' Red Ass Bob Feller and Rogers Hornsby. Payment being sent. Far out, dude.

TJ said...

I'll take Will Clark. Thanks.

longlivethewho said...

I'm torn between Thurmon and the Clipper. Ah screw it, sign me up for both.

sruchris said...

Clemente please!

gcrl said...

i am taking drysdale and harmon killebrew

Zpop said...

Can I please have Carl Yastrzemski and Ted Williams? Thanks.

Tunguska said...

Oh, what the heck, gimmie Jackie. I know you'll hit if I don't take him.

Payment on the way.

Anonymous said...

m and m

molitor and mathews!

payment is in!!


BA Benny said...

I will go with Tom Seaver, Don Mattingly, and Yogi Berra.
Payment has been sent.

Dan said...

Hi Thorzul:

I'll take the Ripken and Foxx slots. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

I took the Satchel Paige in the other post.

Colbey (flywheels) said...

Gwynn please. Payment already sent.

Zpop said...

I'll take the remaining players. I'll send $30 via paypal once my slow internet cooperates.