Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sweet Sweetback's Baadassss Card

What's your first inkling of what this card says?

When I came across this Triple Threads card during an eBay search, my brain told me the jersey pieces spelled out "ASSSSS."
Can you blame me? I mean, is there any place in the world of relic cards for a black swatch within a black frame?

Upon closer look, the middle two windows spell "GG," I'm assuming for Gold Glove. All-Star, Gold Glove, ShortStop. Whatever.

I think ASSSSS would have made for a much more collectable card. In its actual state, that card sits with a $50 BIN, which, at that price, it will probably do until kingdom come.
On a related note...

Sorry if you clicked on that. My boxes of A&G really need to get here soon. I'm feeling a little stir crazy watching all the ripping take place.

1 comment:

AdamE said...

SS = Silver Slugger