Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Grab Bag Guessing Game Results

The results are in. I've looked at all your guesses and then went carefully through the card lot. Here's how this thing broke down.

By far the most common thing to happen was that the player guessed had no cards in the lot. Don't get too down on yourself, though, you're just stupid. The following players had zero cards in this lot:
Joaquin Andujar
Steve Bedrosian
Dave Justice
Fred McGriff
Kelly Gruber
Jeff Reardon
Matt Nokes
Mark Lemke
Ken Griffey, Jr.
Brett Butler
Tippy Martinez
Roberto Alomar
Dave Parker
Ruben Sierra
Randy Bush
Garth Iorg
Al Leiter
Jamie Moyer
Ben Oglivie
Kevin Maas
Herm Willingham

I cannot fucking believe there wasn't a Steve Bedrosian in that lot. I mean, upon their birth, babies were issued at least twelve of those during his playing career. The delivery nurse snipped your cord, took your footprint, and handed your parents six of his 1987 Topps. Golly!

OK, here are some guesses that were so very, very close to victory.
Tippy Martinez - No.
Dennis Martinez - YES! Same team and everything

Garth Iorg - No.
Dane Iorg - YES! If I'm Bo, I'm pissed off right now for picking the wrong Iorg. Think those dudes ever pulled the old switcheroo on a double date in high school? (Or an '85 ALCS three-way...)

The following guesses were all two away from the actual number. These near misses demonstrate the true cruelty of such a contest.
dogfacedgremlin - Roger Clemens 2
Actual number: 4.

Dude, that's a 1987 Topps Tiffany Clemens All-Star. No idea how that got in this lot, but it actually makes the prize kind of good. Kind of.

William - Cecil Fielder 3
Actual number: 1

Mark - Will Clark 3
Actual Number: 1

Dairy Queen, yum!

AdamE - Wade Boggs 3
Actual number: 1

There are a bunch of these Kaybee cards in the lot. More to come.

While no one hit the number right on the head, two guys came within one card of the actual amount.

Matt F. - Mike Scott 1
Actual number: 2

It sucks for Matt that those are actually the same card, but that's the way it goes.

Kevin - Bob Welch 2
Actual number: 1

This is a really sweet guess, since it's a card from early in his career, and he's not at all in the Oakland jersey like one might have suspected.

Since Matt and Kevin were tied by being one off in their guesses, we'll settle this with a tiebreaker.
The player with the most cards in this lot is, by a wide margin, Nolan Ryan. Of the two finalists, the guy who can come closest to the actual number of Nolan Ryan cards will win the whole lot.

You have until 11:59 PM tonight. Good luck, gentlemen!


Matt F. said...

Okay, my guess as to the number of Nolans is: 19

Kevin said...

I'll go with lucky number 13. The anticipation is killing me, I tells ya!