Thursday, August 26, 2010

Jefferson Burdick Elementary

There are a couple of guys, OG bloggers mostly, with whom I have a special, unspoken trading arrangement. Our trades are not exactly a quid-pro-quo with well-defined edges and borders. Rather, when we see fit, we send something to one another, knowing that the favor will be returned somewhere down the road. One of these such packages came from Stale Gum. Let's check out some of the contents.

Some Ginter MINIS...

...a MATTHEWS...

...and a MOLLY.

Also, there were some '09 U&H and these red Topps Unique cards (which I am foolishly collecting).

But perhaps the best among the bunch was this custom sticker, "Jefferson Burdick Has a Posse." Awesome. Now someone just needs to take the next logical step and create an OBEY BURDICK sticker, the likes of which could be plastered all over lightposts and stop signs all across America.

Speaking of Burdick, I actually live in a city that has a K-8 school named Burdick. Unfortunately, it's not named after the Burdick, as far as I know. The official name is A.E. Burdick School. I don't know who A.E. was.

But wouldn't a school devoted to card collecting be great?!?! Perhaps I can get a charter, and I could be the principal and hire all of the best bloggers to teach at it (with full medical and dental, naturally).
Here's a sampling of the course listings.

Advanced Set Building 350 (Tackling the super short prints on a budget.)
Introduction to Pack Busting 101
Archaeology 272 (Buried Relics - The Next Big Thing?)
History 900 (Surveys: Topic - Presidential Cards: How Much is Too Much?)
Junkwax 315 (Unloading that '88 Score: Pros & Cons)

Alls I knows is that Milwaukee gots a shitload of abandoned buildings to house the school, yo.

Thanks, Chris!

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Spankee said...

I made a Burdick Obey image. Check it out at Don't forget Forensics 212 (spotting fake patches and autos on Ebay).