Monday, August 9, 2010

Stubs - 2001

2001 is a year that will be remembered for the most horrible tragedy to have ever taken place on American soil. My stubs might reflect the national consciousness of the time. Step into my time machine and take a ride all the way back to 2001.

1/2/01 - I'm going to make it a habit on these to show the stub from the first movie I saw that year. I'm guessing most of these will be late-December-released Oscar bait. This year it was Cast Away. No explanation necessary.

4/13/01 - Blow
This is the flimsiest ticket stub for any event ever. It's got less meat to it than a sales receipt. I saw this movie at the University Square 4 theatre, which has since been turned into luxury apartments whose monthly rent, prorated, is higher than my mortgage payment.

4/24/01 - Brewers/Mets
The first game I attended at Miller Park. I did not receive a floppy hat.

5/19/01 - Amores Perros
Minimalist ticket, maximum entertainment. See this movie if you haven't yet.

7/25/01 - The Roots
Great show at The Rave, a mid-sized club in Milwaukee. I felt neither the need to mosh nor to carry anything in.

9/3/01 - American Pie 2
This was the last movie I saw pre-9/11. Apparently, it was still OK to laugh (had that movie been even half as funny as the first one).

9/16/01 - Ghostworld
First movie post-9/11. A comedy with a much darker tone, reflecting the mood of a nation.

11/9/01 - Donnie Darko
Don't let the stub fool you. I played no part in any sort of Indian Movie Festival. This is actually a ticket to Donnie Darko at UW-Milwaukee. I went with my sister. A few rows in front of us a big scary guy got shushed by a small puny guy. The big scary guy took offense and started getting belligerent. Small puny guy exits theatre to get manager. Manager kicks out big scary guy. Audience is thrilled. Jet engine falls into boy's bedroom, causing time rift.

11/10/01 - Pharcyde
Horrible show. Horrible sound.
I'm not sure why someone would have wanted to bring in a camera to this show, but someone would have done nicely for themselves carrying in some earplugs.
Your momma's got an afro... with a chinstrap.

2001... the way it was.

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William said...

You paid more to see Pharcyde than the Roots? Yikes...hahahaha