Thursday, August 5, 2010

Stubs & Bubs - Part 2

Over the next couple of days, I'll be showing off my collection of Wisconsin Badgers football tickets, saved from my days as an undergrad. This first bunch is from the 1998 season, the one in which the Badgers went 11-1 (their only loss coming to Michigan, away) on their way to defeating heavily favored UCLA in the Rose Bowl. The rest of the country might not remember this, but we Wisconsinites will hold it against him for eternity, but this was also the year when CBS anal-yst Craig James stated that the Badgers were "the worst team ever to play in the Rose Bowl."

I'm not sure how they do things today, but this is how student tickets were distributed back then. At some point in August, I believe, students holding season tickets were sent a pack of ticket vouchers in the mail. On game day, or during game week, these vouchers could be redeemed for the actual ticket with the seat assignment on it. If one wished to acquire closer seating with a large group, vouchers could be redeemed during the week leading up to the game.

While the vouchers were nothing spectacular (think parking pass), the tickets are especially well designed. Each game featured a specific player or football-related icon, and the tickets came in the team colors of the opponent.

It should be noted that the well-known tradition of the playing of House of Pain's "Jump Around" prior to the start of the 4th quarter began during the October 10 Homecoming game against Purdue. This was actually a rare Saturday night game, and I do remember that one of my buddies at the time was able to sneak in a flask of rum. So yes, it was cool being part of history.

It should be noted that the Badgers played six games at home that season. For some reason, I'm missing the stub for the September 12 game against Ohio (not St.). It was a 45-0 waxing, in case you're curious.

Let's see what Bubbles has to say about the lot.

Three, man, three.

Yeah, the missing ticket brings this down a full syringe, but it's a nice group nonetheless. The Badgers retained Paul Bunyan's Axe for another year and I got to see a Rose Bowl-clinching victory against Penn State, a solid 9-3 team in their own right.

As an aside, I do not know where my freshman year (1997) ticket stubs are. Perhaps they will be found and shared. Hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.


Alex said...

Go Blue!

Jeremy said...

Wisconsin student tickets look a lot nicer than the ones we had at OU. They're pretty lame by comparison. Craig James is an idiot by the way.

Tony Brown said...

Did you get on the field ever? I got on my sophomore year after the upset of defending national champs Ohio State.
Lee Evans baby!