Sunday, August 8, 2010

Stubs (No More Bubs) - 2000

Well, I guess there will be no more Bubs from here on out. He ran away from his halfway house last night and the word on the street is that he's out selling "whities" from his shopping cart around Hamsterdam. Too bad. But we still have a lot of great ticket stubs to look at.

We're going to take a look at the year 2000 today. During this year I was a junior and senior in college, living in Madison. I had just about no money, so I didn't get to a lot of sporting events. I'm guessing that most of the ones I did attend were on behalf of my family, whom I got to visit a couple of times during the summer and on holidays.

The year actually got off to a quick start, with my first sporting event of the 2000s being a Marquette basketball game on January 2. I think I went to this one with my dad, brother, and uncle.

My research indicates it was a 65-63 victory over Xavier. The 2000 Warriors (NOT Golden Eagles, I don't care what the ticket says) were a bad team that hadn't made the NCAA tournament since 1997 and would not again until 2002. Standouts included John Cliff, Cordell Henry, Brian Wardle, and Oluoma Nnamaka. The roster included a guy named Krunti Hester, who got into two games that year. The players were all Mike Deane recruits, even though it was Tom Crean's first season. Things would get better in a few years after Crean landed a guy you might have heard of... Dwyane Wade.

The first movie I saw that year was Magnolia. Still my favorite Paul Thomas Anderson film.

I got to a Bucks game, but I don't remember anything about it. Basketball Reference tells me it was a 91-84 Bucks loss. We got to the playoffs that year, but were ousted by the Pacers in the first round, three games to two.

There are tons of movie ticket stubs in this envelope, but I'll only show the memorable ones. The Perfect Storm in and of itself was not all that memorable, although highly enjoyable, but I'll always remember it for another reason. Before the movie started, the guy sitting next to my mom dumped his soda all over her. It was as if he had held it directly above her lap and turned the cup upside-down. Needless to say, the night was ruined.

Next is a ticket to what would become my last game at County Stadium. The Phillies beat the Brewers 5-3, with Randy Wolf (now a Brewer, oddly enough) going seven strong innings for the victory. The loss put the Brewers at a record of 34-50, 16.5 games out if first place. Not a great time to be a fan, but no one knew how bad it would get. We were still two years away from our 2002 56-106 finish. I firmly believe that winning is not as sweet for fans of teams like the Yankees, since there isn't that mantle of abject failure lurking beneath the crust of occasional victory.

There was also a Rampage game.

Next time... 2001... or more Wisconsin football tickets?
Check back soon to find out.


SpastikMooss said...

I go Boogie Nights first, then Magnolia. I like Mark Wahlberg and Julianne Moore more than most people though.

Thorzul said...

Yeah, those two are neck and neck. To me, the long take at the coke party that goes into the pool in "Boogie Nights" is only slightly behind the opening montage/character introduction in "Magnolia." Both sort of unwind in the final third, but build enough momentum that it doesn't ruin the film.