Thursday, August 19, 2010

Summer Baseball Travels (Part 1 of 3: Witness to History)

Over the next few days I'll be recounting some tales of baseball games I have attended this summer both far and near. We'll skip around in chronological order, but we'll begin closest to home. Among the handful of games I've gone to at Miller Park, home of the Milwaukee Brewers, this year, one has stood out as having produced an event I am not likely to see again in person.

Here's the ticket. Can you guess the amazing feat that occurred? You may have already forgotten it, if you had even heard at all. An essentially meaningless game between two go-nowhere teams in the middle of August, I don't blame you.

Well, if you haven't gotten it by now, here it is.
In this game, the Arizona Diamondbacks hit four consecutive home runs against Brewer pitcher Dave Bush.

First it was Adam LaRoche...

...then Miguel Montero...

...followed up by Mark Reynolds...

...with the deal sealed by Stephen Drew.

Perfect game? Those are a dime a dozen, a whopping twenty of them throughout baseball history.

Unassisted triple play, thought to be the rarest of feats? Yeah, that's happened fifteen times. That's the equivalent of two solid weeks of a UTP once-per-day with time for a break on Sunday and a quickie behind the boathouse before the final one.

But how many times have players hit home runs back-to-back-to-back-to-back?


Admittedly, it was such a weird thing, without much buildup, that most of the crowd probably wasn't sure it was a record. Myself, I started chatting to the guy down the row from me and neither of us were sure it was a record-tying feat. All I know is that the crowd got restless around the third one and started calling for Bush to be yanked.

Perhaps most interestingly, Bush stayed in the game the whole time. Only three pitchers (along with Paul Foytack, 1963, and Chase Wright, 2007) gave up all four, making it an even rarer occurrence. Bush actually settled down and finished the inning, which was only a four-run inning, to put things in perspective. It just seemed like a lot more seeing the ball leave the field that many times in such a short time span. Gerardo Parra, the next batter after the four, actually hit the ball pretty hard, but it harmlessly fell in for a deep single. In retrospect, I wish he had cranked it out for the fifth in a row.

By the way, what do you think of the photos of cards, as opposed to scans? I'm having scanner troubles (more on that later), which necessitate the photographs. The cards, if you must know, were photographed sitting on one of those TV tray tables that all Americans were issued in the first half of the 2000s. Seriously, have you ever gone to somebody's house who doesn't have these?
Yeah, it's like a ski lodge in here.

About the printer, here's the situation. My parents went away for a week's vaca- HOLD UP-
Alright, here's the real problem. My printer/scanner, an HP F380, which has never given me much trouble, all of a sudden decided it will not scan anymore. But it will print.
Oh, and when hooked up to my wife's laptop (both Macs, by the way), it will print and scan, no problem.
I've uninstalled and reinstalled the software (latest update from HP's website) twice, same thing keeps happening. I've tried adding drivers for this specific model. No deal.
If anyone can help me out on this, I'd appreciate it. I can always call HP customer service, but being on the phone with tech support is one of the few things in life that upset me. Honest help from a sympathetic citizen who speaks English is always the better course of action.


deal said...

congrats on witnessing the "feat". Bush is from the area, and I pull for him - bummer that this is the way he finds his way to be immortalized.

I think a few yrs ago this happened in a Yanks Bosox game but whoever was getting shelled got yanked mid-inning. I was listening to the gm on the radio, but don't remember the details.

Jay said...

I like the pictures. Refractors, and shiny cards in general just look better.
I say you run with it..
Holy crap these word verification things are getting stranger by the day.
Isn't that Obama's true last name or something?

Bo said...

Chase Wright is in the Brewers organization now too, isn't he?