Saturday, September 18, 2010

Brew Cards From the GZA

A couple weeks ago (yeah, I'm behind a little) a package from Lawrence, Kansas arrived at the Thorzul homestead. Yes, that can mean only one thing: It was from the GZA, the Genius.
Within were a bunch of Brewers cards, heavy on the good stuff and light on the junk. I wish all Brewers care packages could look like this one. Let's check out some of the favs.

2008 Upper Deck X Prince Fielder Xponential X3 #X3-PF
Back in '08 X3 actually meant something. In '09 everything got watered down when the exponents were increased to X6. (By the way, can Blogger type in superscript or subscript? My gut says no. Prince's gut says hungry.)

2008 Goudey Prince Fielder SP #267
I had actually just first acquired this card a few days prior in a trade, so now there's two. Perhaps someone needs this short print for their Goudey set and wants to trade?

2006 Topps Moments & Milestones Prince Fielder 62 RBI #59 (061/150)
Had Jefferson Burdick been alive to catalogue this set, he would have had a conniption and died at a much earlier age. Still, it's a Prince I didn't have, so I like it.

2009 Upper Deck Generation Now Ryan Braun #GN45
How did Upper Deck get away with using "Generation Now" as an insert title? Topps used the same name for their 2007 products as a mirror rookie insert set. Does anyone know if "Generation Now" actually predates the '07 set? If Topps the actual culprit here, stealing from an obscure UD release? Makes you wonder.

2008 Upper Deck Documentary Ryan Braun #2860, 2551
Failure set that could actually work in the future in a way that embraces collectors and fans. I will share more of my ideas on this in the future.

2009 Topps Sterling Ryan Braun #69 (151/250)
Wow, a really great looking card. If Topps really wanted to, they could turn Sterling into a much more affordable product worth collecting. If they put the design team that worked on these Sterling base cards on a mid-level-price project, it could be a beautiful set. As it stands, Sterling base get overlooked and tossed aside by "whales" opening cases of the stuff.

Thanks again to Heartbreaking Cards.
And speaking of the Genius, check out this clip from Jim Jarmusch's Coffee and Cigarettes. This is by far the best vignette in the film. Enjoy!


beardy said...

You forgot to link to the clip, but I'm pretty sure I know which one it is.

"Are you a bug Bill Murray?"

Matt F. said...

Glad you liked them Thorzul!