Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Did You Ever See That One Episode of "The Mantle Show"...

...where the Mick really wanted that designer Gordon Gartrell shirt? Turns out he couldn't afford it, being a high school student and all. Remember, he asked his parents to buy it for him because he has a hot date coming up, but they refuse (probably to teach him a lesson about the value of a dollar). However, his helpful sister stepped in and volunteered to make one for him. The thing about it, though, was that Denise (the sister) had little actual experience making clothes, and the shirt turned out all wrong. Boy, was Mickey mad when he tried it on!

Well, it looks like they made a card out of it this year. Topps, right?

(The actual item above sold for $73.55 last week.)

That was Mickey Mantle, right?

Or am I thinking about somebody else?

Or maybe the relic came from a Cross-Colors jacket? Ya think?

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Mad Guru said...

I think that was from Mick's appearance in the World Baseball Classic.