Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Last Blogger Standing: Round 4

This round was really tough. The card was just random enough to make you possibly think it might be in the lot, but alas, there was no Tim Raines in the stack. I merely went to my doubles box and pulled out a card randomly. Now we are down to three. (Surprisingly, there have been contestants eliminated for neglecting their duties in this contest. Oh well.)

Round 4 Contestants:
Play at the Plate

Is this card in the stack?
1986 Topps Stickers #145/306 - Dale Murphy/Vince Coleman with the Coleman sticker missing but the Murphy sticker still affixed

Guess by 11:59. The winner could be decided in this round.


Play at the Plate said...

Almost, but not quite. I'll say no.

William said...


Which means if Mariner1 picks yes and it's yes, he's a winner.

Mariner1 said...

OK. I'll buck the trend and say YES. That's a lot of detail. I've always wanted to be a winner.