Sunday, September 12, 2010

September Group Break is Live and Limited!

It may be a little later in the month than we're used to, but the September group break is here. I've been batting around a few ideas about boxes, but while searching the retail sites today, I came across an interesting product that should be a quick, fun break with a huge potential payoff for a few people. This month it will be three hobby boxes of 2005 Leaf Limited. It's only a 4-card-per-box product, but there's a nice mix of modern and classic players on the checklist. You can find the box details here and stuff selling on eBay right now here.

This break will run in a pick-two format. The 30 MLB teams have been divided into A and B groups. If you want to take part, you must pick one A team and one B team. The cost for each tandem will run you $18 for this break, immediate payment required. As always, the break will take place on video. I'm taking the Brewers in addition to any Milwaukee Braves. This should leave one A team remaining after the rest have been chosen, so I'll end up with that one as well. I'd like to get the boxes ordered by Thursday so they can ship out before next weekend.

Keep in mind, some of the usually skankier teams (the Rockies, for example) might end up being good for someone because of the presence of a rookie like Ubaldo Jimenez. Just a thought.

The $18 dollar payment can be sent to:
As always, please include your mailing address, real name, screen name, and teams chosen in the message section of your payment.
Also, make sure you make your choice known in the comments. Sometimes people step on each others' toes when someone tries to sneak a stealth payment in. Let's avoid that.

Yankees: The Notorious B.U.D. (paid)
Red Sox: Cardsplitter (paid)
Orioles: beardy (paid)
Tigers: Colin (paid)
White Sox: Joe from the South Side (paid)
Twins: Chris Mays (paid)
Phillies: arfmax (paid)
Braves (Atlanta only): Chris Mays (paid)
Cubs: Joe from the South Side (paid)
Cardinals: Jim Harcar (paid)
Reds: natscards (paid)
Dodgers: gcrl (paid)
Giants: BS (paid)

Rays: Chris Mays (paid)
Blue Jays: Joe from the South Side (paid)
Royals: Joe from the South Side (paid)
Angels: Cardsplitter (paid)
Rangers: The Notorious B.U.D. (paid)
Mariners: arfmax (paid)
A's: beardy (paid)
Nationals/Expos: natscards (paid)
Astros: Jim Harcar (paid)
Brewers/Milwaukee Braves: Thorzul
Pirates: BS (paid)
Rockies: Colin (paid)
Padres: gcrl (paid)

Good luck!


Jim Harcar said...

I will take Cards and Stros

Jim Harcar

The Notorious B.U.D. said...

I'll take the Yankees and Rangers. Why not? Thanks!

First Day Issue

Chris Mays said...

I'll take the Atlanta Braves and the Rays.

Cardsplitter said...

Red Sox and Angels

arfmax said...

Phillies and Mariners, please


gcrl said...

dodgers and padres. paypal on the way.


Colin said...

Tigers and Rockies

Anonymous said...

In for the Nats/Expos. Money on the way.

Anonymous said...

I would like to take the Giants and the Pirates. Payment is on its way. Thank you.


beardy said...

Gimme dem O's please.

beardy said...

Oh, and the A's too.

Anonymous said...

Oh damn, Beardy, I took the O's with the Nats/Expos. You can have the O's and I'll take the Reds. Got that, Thorzul? :)

Thorzul said...

No problem, I've got you straightened out. You're one benevolent dude, natscards.

beardy said...

Oh, I must have missed that. Thanks for giving them up! Hopefully you get a nice Reds hit to make up for it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Thorzul! And no problem, Beardy...I didn't post it here, and hell I know the O's cards would find a better home with you.

Anonymous said...

Joe From Southside takes both chi town teams!!

Anonymous said...


Gotta learn to Read the Entire post 1st!!

add The Jays and Royals to my teams!

Joe from SS