Thursday, September 9, 2010

This Set is Plaid, With a Butterfly Collar

I have only myself to blame.

Looking to complete my 2010 Allen & Ginter set feels very out-of-style at this time. Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances, the cards I was expecting to receive have proved elusive. Is anyone still collecting this stuff? Whatever.

Alright, I need a small handful of cards to fill the empty slots in my binder. They aren't even all short prints, either. I mean, I'm looking for fucking BASE CARDS here. It feels pretty low, to be honest with you.

My Needs: (Offers received in BOLD.)
175 183 188 262 292 314 318 320 323 326 327 335 341 342
This Day In History 15

If you've got any of those lying around, I can totally make it worth your while. I've got all these doubles organized by year in the sidebar, in case you're interested, or I can just pull a bunch of cards from a favorite team of yours. Trouble is, I have hardly any 2010 Allen & Ginter to trade you, since I sold off all of my SPs and base cards by the pound back in July. Blerg.

Yeah, 2010 Ginter... it's like wearing a pager at this point. Or discussing with your coworkers what might be down the hatch in LOST. Help me escape this time rut and make the leap into autumn.


dayf said...

Oddly enough, I have none of the base cards you need* but do have a double of sketch card #15, Daniel Murphy. It has been put in a pile of extremely dismal Brewers that didn't make the cut for the last package I sent you. It will get out to you eventually, but you're waaaay down the mailing queue, I'm afraid.

*This can only mean that I need to purchase more 2010 Allen & Ginter. Perhaps a deeply discounted hobby box, now that The Messiah has turned out to be simply A Mess.

madding said...

I have 292. I can send it unless someone else feels like beating me to the punch.

night owl said...

You're way ahead of me.

Regardless, I have lots of dupes. I'll take a look.

PunkRockPaint said...

I would check, but I am busy discussing what's in the hatch this weekend.

New LOST card on my blog by the way...

madding said...

I'm throwing 323 in as well.