Saturday, October 23, 2010

CC: Biding My Time

Before reading the rest of this post, watch this video. It might seem to have nothing (sod all) to do with a CC card, but trust me, it will make sense. If you're short on time, click ahead to the 1:00 mark or so.

OK, watched it yet?
What Terrance Stamp could have been talking about was the completist's quest. As a CC-as-a-Brewer completist, there have been a couple of instances where the prudent course of action was to "bide my time." Not long after 2009 Sterling was released, I did notice a Sabathia card I did not yet own on the auction block. The seller had it at a BIN for $175. Ridiculous price, right? I had to let it go. The BIN expired without any buyers, but the card had not turned up again. Until recently.

Patience was key. After all, the card was serial numbered to 10 copies. I could have been waiting a very long time without the card ever popping its head up again. So, I decided to bide my time.

Last month, the waiting paid off. The card was up for bid with a $0.99 opening, and I ended up getting it for less than a quarter of that stratospheric asking price from a year ago. (Plus, oddly enough, at the same time this card popped up, there was another one of the ten copies offered for about $60.00 BIN. I did much better than that, however.)

Here's the card.
2009 Topps Sterling "One-Hitter 8/31/08" (3x Gray Jersey) AUTO #3SCA-126 (10/10)

Cause you gotta make a choice... when to do something, and when to let it go. When it matters, and when it don't. Bide your time... that's what collecting teaches you if nothing else. Bide your time, and everything becomes clear, and you can act accordingly.

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