Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Nightmares on Cardboard III: Grand Prize

This year's winner perfectly demonstrates the adage that more is not necessarily better. I present to you, the winner, in repeat fashion, of 2010's Nightmares on Cardboard III.

1988 Sportflics - The Wolfman

Congratulations, Condition: Poor, you've done it again. Although an in-hand card was a near impossibility, you found a way to take a great leap forward with custom card design. I'd call it a perfect marriage of subject and medium. The transformation of the Wolfman, almost a movie cliche unto itself, has frightened audiences since 1941. What better way to pay homage to this classic than through a much-maligned 1980s technology. Yes, with a Flic of Sport, a champion has been coronated once again.

Well, the rest of you have eleven months to ruminate on next year's contest, premiering in early October 2011. I look forward to a new batch of freakified cardboard creations.

(By the way... now that this card's video is live, I've noticed that it looks even better in its original .mov format than on the Blogger video. If you want this improved viewing experience, just shoot me an email requesting it, and I'll send you the original file.)


SpastikMooss said...!

Play at the Plate said...

Bravo....bravo Condition:Poor.

Corky said...

That is a pretty sweet card. Leave it to Slangon to put the rest of us to shame LOL.

Congrats on the Grand Prize, you definitly deserve it.

Anonymous said...