Thursday, October 28, 2010

Nightmares on Cardboard III: Non-Medalist #1

At last, the spookiest of times has arrived, marked by the unveiling of the latest installment of Nightmares on Cardboard. This year's crop of entries was especially prolific, both in the number of cards created by each entrant, as well as the number of entrants. With seven contestants, this year's edition became the largest.

I must say that while the overall quality of the cards created has risen, I didn't get to experience that "Oh My God" moment that accompanied the winning entries from years past. That being said, the lack of a clear-cut favorite made the distinction between last place (not this there was a last place, mind you, just a small handful of non-medalists) and the grand prize very slim. Any of these entries you will soon see could have won, but it eventually boiled down to personal taste.

This first entry perfectly embodies the spirit of this contest, but alas, it cannot take a place upon the podium. Let's take a look at the interesting entry from Mark's Ephemera.

The series begins with a reference to Ed Wood's Plan 9 From Outer Space, a film that routinely pops up on a lists of Worst Films of All-Time. This prototype cad depicts The Amazing Criswell, an entertainment psychic and actor who played the narrator in Plan 9. His Bud Selig prophecy on the back is especially wry.

Up next, still in the style of the 1972 Topps In Action subset, we have one of the vampires from the Twilight series, I believe. My experience with the films has been that of an unwilling observer. My wife has on occasion invited one of her friends over to watch these while I sat and perused card blogs. From what I was able to glean, these are some of the worst "horror" films in all of creation.

The final card goes back to Plan 9 with the Ghoul Man, played by one Bela Lugosi. Seeing these cards makes me a little curious about the film, but with so many great movies I haven't seen, I'm not sure it's worth my time.

Thanks, Mark, for an entertaining entry. More great (non-medalist) contributions will be on the way!


SpastikMooss said...

You haven't seen Plan 9? WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?

Well worth your time. Silly? Yes. Terrible mistakes now and then, like people tripping over gravestones? Yes. But definitely a movie worth seeing at least once.

As far as Wood's other stuff, Bride of the Monster is decent, and Glen or Glenda is campy madness (which for me, = love). I haven't seen any of his other stuff.

But mostly...damn...I figured you would've seen that movie 4590345 times by now given all the movies you own. Remedy that dude.

Tony Brown said...

You shoulc youtube the twilight baseball scene if you haven't already done so. It's a mix of ridiculousness with cartonishness - think Power Rangers or Masters of the Universe with 2008 graphics. Wild.

Mark said...

Whoohooo! I'm a Non-Medalist.

Thanks for hosting. I'm really curious to see what others created.

You really should watch "Plan 9" and then follow it up with "Ed Wood".

Good stuff.