Tuesday, October 26, 2010

October Group Break: Very Kind Box

As promised, the Clubhouse Collection box arrived today, and here's the video of the break. This box was very, very nice to us. If you want, check the scans of the highlights below. If you don't see your team, don't worry, the video has a bunch more cards. Remember, this box yielded 20 hits, so your odds are good.


Biggio Patch. These were seeded 1:50 packs. Nice case (or semi-case) hit.

I had no idea what the patch was from when I opened it, but a little research found me this. It was from a 125th Anniversary of Baseball patch worn by the players in a previous year. Sweet-ass to the Nth degree. This is one of those you might think was fake if you hadn't seen it pulled on video.

Jackie Robinson base. Awesome card, perhaps the one from this break I wish I could keep. Yes, it's just a bat, but I think we have spoiled our perspective in recent years. Remember, when you were nine years old, this was an impossibility.

Our bronze parallel buddies...

Another case hit, 1:52 packs. I think this is a great idea for a card, one I would like to see Topps revisit. Much more meaningful to fill up three windows than some Triple Threads gibberish.

Sure, it's not a patch, but that's a cool jersey cut. Stuff from sleeves or collars like this is not too common. Love it.

I hope everyone is happy with this break. A lot of people got a lot of nice cards. In the meantime, I'll start getting the November break ready.


Cardsplitter said...

Oooooouch. That was not the most productive break for me.

The November break can't come soon enough.

beardy said...

Looks like I get... A WHOLE LOT OF NOTHING! Ideally, I'd like to complain about it, especially given the inflated price I pay for the Orioles time and time again, but, you have pulled me some gems lately, so I guess an 0-fer was "in the cards", so to speak.

Sweet Biggio patch!

Why was the O's price tag so high for this break? Do these products have a high ratio of Jay Gibbons and Luis Matos hits? That's about all the O's had in '04.

gcrl said...

jackie! very nice.