Monday, October 25, 2010

October Group Break: We Got Another Cut!

The first of our October group break boxes arrived, and the results are in. And yes, in this, the second time we've included a box of Legendary Cuts in the monthly break, we've gotten a cut signature. Check out the video to see who it was, or just scroll down to the scans if you're impatient.

Oh, and sorry about the video quality here. The reason for the video matching the quality of a Taliban ransom video is that YouTube was being a skank-ass ho about processing. Just let me know if dudes in black masks carrying machine guns start popping up, and I'll make some adjustments.

In the interest of full disclosure, I quickly realized the mistake I made about the cut signature on the original video. Below is my correction.
Jeez, I've got to stop confusing those old Giants caps with Mets caps.

Juan Marichal Ultimate Swatches
Sparky Anderson Historic Swatches
George Brett Legendary Swatches
Hoyt Wilhelm Legendary Cuts
Nice job, BS. I guess it paid off to pick up a bunch of teams this month.
Fret not, everyone else, the Clubhouse Collection box is scheduled to arrive tomorrow, so check back to see the other half of the break then.


Anonymous said...

Oh, wow! I know I paid about eighty bucks for all those teams, but getting that signature makes me feel like a million bucks! Thanks!

Todd Uncommon said...

Just saw the video(s). Had a few thoughts.

- All those Tigers base are belong to me.

- Can't blame you for missing the Giants for Wilhelm. Heck, the guy played for 10 major league teams in his career--before free agency. Oddly, the Mets weren't one of them.

- It bums me out a little on the packout from Upper Deck. What this box means is that there are 115 boxes out there where a check trim of Hoyt Wilhelm is the big hit.

Nothing against Hoyt; I know he's a HOFer, but he benefits a little in that he was impressive before people even really knew what saves were. Bruce Sutter and Don Sutton are in the Hall too, but anyone would feel disappointed if they were the sick pulls.

- More on the UD packaging. I know the styrofoam insert is supposed to be for "protection", but it really feels more like, "we stuffed this box like a bra so it wouldn't be a disappointingly paper thin box of cards when you hold it in your hands".

- Solution for Upper Deck's financial woes, make a set about famous fast women called "Legendary Sluts". Cut Signatures of Mata Hari, Heidi Fleiss, Amy Fisher, Dana Plato, Anna Nicole, and all of the current crop of Ke$ha, Gaga, Britney, Lohan, and so on. Police paperwork should be a treasure trove of source material.

longlivethewho said...

Legendary Cuts have been a gold mine for me and the Royals... got a Bo Jackson from 2009 LC and now the Brett swatch. Very nice!