Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pack Race War: Cards 1 Through 4

Here it comes... the showdown you didn't ask for. Who will win the war of the packs, awesome SILVER, or namby-pamby WHITE? We will take a look at the correlating cards in each pack to find a winner.

Let's tear in.

Silver 1: #47 Tom Glavine

White 1: #16 Greg Maddux

What are the odds of this happening? We have a face-off between two formerly dominant Braves pitchers, now depicted with their twilight-years team. When I look at the Glavine, I shake my head and think, "Why did you join those scrubs?" For Maddux, the sentiment is similar, yet more severe: "Why did you join those douchebags?"

Silver 2: #24 Jim Thome

White 2: #11 Derek Jeter

Who among you has hosted Saturday Night Live? Oh, you, Derek Jeter? Then you get the point.

Silver 3: #31 Mark Mulder

White 3: #42 Sammy Sosa

Let's examine these by best fictional character the player's name reminds me of.
Mulder: Fox Mulder, X-Files
Sosa: Sammy the Seal
That Syd Hoff may have been a straight-up pimp, but Mulder had an "I Want to Believe" poster hanging in his office.

Silver 4: #19 Ichiro

White 4: #ASM-5 All-Star Classics Matchups Brooks Robinson/Fergie Jenkins

A 1:24 packs insert of two HOFers beats a base card of one future HOFer. White ties it up.

Check back later for the second half of this pack battle.

And yes, I most certainly did drop Syd Hoff's name in this post. You all have a right to be disappointed I don't collect hockey cards, or else there'd be a Morris and Boris post coming your way. Sorry to deprive you of such joy. (And if you have any idea what I'm talking about, big ups to you.)

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